Ragi flour bhakri

Ragi , high in protein,high amount of fiber, antioxidant ,gluten free .

30 Minutes
20 Minutes
7 Serving

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How to Make It

1. Step

Take ragi flour in a bowl.

2. Step

In 1/2cup water add 2sp ragi flour and mix then cook it till thickens stir continuously.

3. Step

Add cooked ragi flour mixture to dry flour and mix well and knead it adding water in batches to make soft dough.

4. Step

Take portion of dough dust some dry flour on suface and make bhakri by patting it to thin as much as you can.

5. Step

Heat tave place bhakri wet the top surface with water (not too much water) cook for a while turn on other side cook for a while then flip it on direct flame for fluffy ness and ragi flour bhakri is ready

6. Step

Serve with bhaji,koshimbir and chatnipudi


  • 2 cups ragi flour
  • as required Water to knead

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