Don’t Ever Again Say Why Can’t I Lose Weight

why can't I lose weightHave you found yourself wondering these exact words – Why can’t I lose weight? If you haven’t been successful with shedding those unwanted pounds off your body, and this is something you truly want to achieve, then by following this plan, you will never again have to say “Why can’t I lose weight?”

The reason why I ask if you “truly” want to lose weight is because only someone who is committed to this idea will be willing to make the conscious effort to make the necessary changes day in and day out. The challenge of losing weight is a daily struggle between choosing what is healthy and unhealthy, between what will help you lose weight, or what will put more weight on your body.

Let’s Focus On The Question You May Have Asked Yourself Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

To effectively lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle it’s not as simple as saying “don’t eat fast food” because there are so many other instances that are detrimental to a healthy life change. It takes more than just avoiding the fast food drive-through window on a daily basis. Losing weight takes strong will power when faced with all these decisions related to food and beverage on any given day. That’s the number one reason why many people are not successful when approaching the topic “why can’t I lose weight”. Sure a person may reduce the fried foods and eat more fruit for awhile, but what about when they eat a half box of crackers while watching television in bed? Or when this person drinks three sodas throughout the day – which tacks on more than 400+ calories. What about the three servings of food at dinnertime? Or the late night binges on ice cream or donuts?

These are just a handful of the choices the majority of us deal with on a regular basis and it’s the decisions you make that will determine if you are successful with losing weight or not. This is what will truly answer the question why can’t I lose weight?

These types of decisions do not just appear during breakfast, lunch, and dinner but all throughout the day. The snacks you may or may not eat after breakfast and lunch. The choices of beverages you drink during the day. The decisions you make to snack or not snack while watching a movie on the couch. Or maybe simply when getting gasoline for your car making the decision to avoid the countless bags of chips lining the shelves near the register.

These are all the choices and decisions that must be taken under control if you want to lose weight on a consistent basis.

If you are tired of being overweight and you truly want things to change, then you must keep in mind every single thing that is put in your mouth including snacks and drinks. When you are ready to move in a more positive direction and take back control of your health, then you know it comes down to these specific choices and decisions. No one else can make them for you. When you are able to ignore the temptation to munch on cookies and chips, drink water instead of soda, and eat appropriate portion sizes at meals, then you will never again have to say why can’t I lose weight.

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