Why Waste Time Watching Television?

waste time watching televisonIf you have become complacent over the years and the amount of exercise you do on a regular basis has dwindled away to practically nothing, then it’s time to take a look and see where some healthy changes can be made. But before we dive into that issue, the most important decision that first must be made on your part is that you actually want to lose weight and get in shape.

Without this driving force, this motivation from within, anything you read or are told will just be meaningless words that will have no effect on how you live your life. That’s the one often overlooked aspect of the weight loss process. The person must want it bad enough to make actual changes and adhere to the plan for a prolonged period of time.

Let’s face it, you can’t lose 50 pounds in two weeks, unless you elect to go for some surgical option. But you can lose 50 pounds in six months by eating right and getting a consistent amount of exercise which is why motivation is crucial to help you stick with this process for a certain amount of time.

Why Waste Time Watching Television If You Want To Lose Weight?

Therefore when you’re ready to introduce a regular form of exercise into your weekly routine, a good place to start is with your leisure time. This is the time you have after the work day is over, the family has been taken care of, and all other typical chores and routines are finished.

One of the most common ways people spend leisure time is in front of the television either watching the news, comedy shows, reality tv, or a movie. This may be a nice relaxing way to wind down at the end of a long day, nevertheless the 1-3 hours spent with the eyes glued to the screen does absolutely nothing for your physique or your weight loss efforts.

Another downside often tied hand in hand with watching television comes unhealthy eating. This can often be one of the main reasons for substantial weight gain over the years. Think about your tv watching habits and answer honestly if you have a tendency to snack while camped out in front of the tube.

Do you often find yourself with a bag of potato chips, box of cookies, bowl of ice cream, or a tall glass of soda in your hands when watching television? Guess what, not only is your body not burning any of those calories you’re tossing into your body, but you aren’t getting any type of exercise while all that’s going on.

To make matters worse, since attention is focused on what’s happening on screen, hand and mouth go into automatic mode and most often you’ll end up eating an enormous amount of junk food without even realizing it.

get comfortableLet’s change this unhealthy habit around. Instead of simply plopping yourself down on the couch for your leisurely evening of tv time, set aside an hour to exercise. If you are just starting out, you should take it slow and easy so your body gets used to the increase in activity level. Don’t worry about going fast and intense at first, just get used to the routine.

Try just walking for an hour for a week or two, then possibly an increase that to a slow jog. Your overall goal aside from maintaining consistency is to gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workouts. Depending on your current condition it may be a good idea to first check with your primary care physician for clearance of your planned increase in physical activity.

Once you get used to your new exercise routine and it becomes habit, you will understand why it was so detrimental to a healthy life to just plop yourself in front of the television with snacks in hand. Now you will enjoy the television but only after you’ve gotten a workout in under your belt. When it’s time to relax and watch something on the TV you’ll hopefully do it with a large glass of water and possibly a healthy snack like a banana.

What a difference that might be from what’s currently going on in your life.

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