Why The Famous Nike Motto ‘Just Do It’ Sums It Up

just do itUnless you’ve lived under a rock or in the most remote part of the world for the past two decades, you have definitely seen the famous Nike slogan Just Do It. Those three simple words have been plastered everywhere from billboards, to television commercials, to t-shirts, bumper stickers, and even underwear.

This famous catch phrase has been used to depict athletes in peak condition performing great physical feats the majority of us could only dream of mimicking and rightfully so. They’re doing it!

However that’s nothing to be ashamed of or the time to get down on yourself. Quite the contrary.

Why The Famous Nike Motto Sums It All Up

You can use this as motivation to inspire yourself to get moving and create a more fit life. If you have been stuck on the fence wanting to get into better shape but just didn’t know how or where to start, use this Nike slogan to kick everything into gear.

Ready to start working out? Just Do It!

Want to stop eating fast food and start cooking healthy food for yourself? Just Do It!

Contemplating a decision between exercising or sitting on the couch? Just Do It!

If you get used to consistently telling yourself to ‘Just Do It’, you throw indecision out the window. No more doubt or hesitation. In turn, you allow yourself to stick with the choice to improve your health and fitness just as all those famous athletes chose to do many years ago.

There’s always a beginning to something, and this may very well be the beginning of the health and fitness journey you may have wanted to start for a while now. If it is, know that you will be successful if you are willing to stick with it and make certain lifestyle changes.

So enough with the procrastination, it’s time to JUST DO IT!

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