Weekly Self Reflection For Weight Loss

weekly self reflectionWeight loss, and essentially getting fit, will be achieved from maintaining a number of healthy habits for a prolonged period of time. The amount of time this will take will be determined on how much weight you want to be rid of along with how consistently you stick with your healthy habits day in and day out.

Naturally it’s difficult when someone is first starting out on this journey especially if this individual currently lives in an unhealthy fashion. This can be defined as someone who overeats at most meals, gets little to no exercise, snacks on unhealthy items and beverages, and eats late at night before going to bed.

As you can probably tell, the longer someone lives in this manner, the more and more weight will likely be added to the body continuing to increase until habits are changed.

Healthy Habit of Weekly Self Reflection

If you have reached the point where you are ready to start making changes in the way you live your life and are ready to drop that excess weight, then one of the best practices you should get used to doing is to do a weekly self reflection.

There is nothing difficult about this healthy habit, and in all actuality does not even take much time to do. It is however a crucial moment of weekly self reflection where your honesty is going to really help plan the next path you take.

healthy livingSuccessfully changing eating and living habits is what stumps most people who try to tackle the weight loss issue. Eating excessively, especially on unhealthy stuff, is not only really easy to do, but after awhile we become used to certain types and amounts of food at meals. If you are one who fits into this category, come to terms with the fact that this may be your number one adversary in this entire endeavour.

At first it can be a daily struggle as you get used to cooking at home, portioning your food/drinks in appropriate amounts, packing travel lunches and snacks and sticking with eating just those when away from home, and naturally not eating/drinking particularly late at night before going bed.

Therefore as you begin this process, take a moment at the end of each week, possibly on a Sunday afternoon or evening where you reflect on how the past seven days went. Ask yourself the crucial questions in regards to your food and drink choices, portion sizes, snacks you ate, types of foods you consumed, amount of time spent exercising.

Your answers to these questions should provide you a clear insight on what should be focused on for the next seven days of time. Having clear set goals to begin a new week will give you a confidence boost along with a specific path for you to hopefully stay on.

You can also use this weekly self reflection time to create your healthy menu of the week including the types of meals you plan to cook along with the handy grocery list so that your kitchen is ready to handle what you have in mind. Having this become your Sunday ritual will allow you to begin each new week with a solid healthy agenda and hopefully keep you from the unhealthy habits that may have ruled your life for some time now.

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