Are You Watching 5 Hours Of Television Per Day?

watching 5 hours of televisionDid you know the average American adult watches five hours of television per day? According to the New York Daily News in an article written in March 2014 explained that children ages 2-11 watch over 24 hours of television per week, and adults between the ages of 35-49 watch more than 33 hours of television each week.

Is that far more than you typically watch? Even if your time doesn’t actually tally up to be 5 hours per day, do you possibly spend 2-3 hours a day watching the tube? All that time each day adds up to a lot of time spent with eyes glued to the screen not doing anything productive like exercising. Funny thing is, the most common reason people use as why they are unable to workout consistently is because they do not have any time during the day to do so.

I wonder how many of these people are spending 3-5 hours watching television each and every day.

Check If You Are Watching 5 Hours Of Television Per Day

To make matters worse, the majority of television viewers spend the time watching with some type of beverage and/or snack in hand. This means that not only is exercise not being done on a regular basis, but hundreds upon hundreds of extra calories are being tossed into the body and not being burned off while sitting on the couch or laying in bed.

Unless some type of initiative is taken on your part, nothing with change in regards to your health and fitness. Losing weight and getting in shape unfortunately do not happen magically on their own. It takes a willingness to change your daily living habits from what was possibly detrimental, to habits that are positive and constructive.

no regretsDoes that mean you can never watch television again? By all means no, of course not! But how about instead of plopping yourself down on the couch for 3-5 hours to watch tv, first exercise for an hour (if your doctor has given you the clearance).

Then after your workout you will have earned the relaxation time in front of the tube. Trust me, after working out you will really enjoy the relaxing television time and more importantly drink a couple glasses of water along with a healthy snack like a banana or a peach.

That is a million times better than not getting any exercise and drinking soda/eating chips for 3 hours like you may have been doing in the past.

Think about all this the next time you find yourself on the couch for a few hours of leisure television time and hopefully you will make it a point to start including at least a bit of exercise into your regular routine. If losing weight is truly important to you, the change must be made by you!

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