Using A Motivational Tip Jar

motivational tip jarIf you want a fun and inspirational way to help you focus on a health and fitness goal, a motivational tip jar may provide just the right amount of encouragement while at the same time help you save up a good amount of money.

Simply put, a motivational tip jar is a container that you use to deposit certain amounts of money every time a predetermined mini-goal is met. Best part is you can customize your tip jar to your own situation and goal. This can really help you focus on particular areas that may be giving constant issues so that improvements can be made.

How To Use A Motivational Tip Jar

Here’s an example of the types of instances you may want to define related to health and fitness along with possible monetary amounts. Use this list to help create your own list that’s relative to you and the goal(s) you’re trying to meet.

1 pound lost – $5
1 day of healthy eating – $1
1 hour workout – $1
30 minute workout – .50
cook for yourself – .25
increase in reps/duration – $2
no fast food for a week – $2

The type of jar you use can be fancy and decorated to your liking, or it can be something really simple like an old shoe box with a slit in the lid where you can drop in the money.

use a tip jarRemember though, whatever jar/box/container you use should be put in a visible place so you will always be reminded of its purpose and use. You want this tip jar to be a constant visual reminder of your overall goal so it needs to be put in a spot you regularly frequent.

Be sure to write/type your list of rewards along with the money amounts you’re going to pay yourself. This list can and should be revised as you use the motivational tip jar especially since you will likely find new occurrences you will want to reward yourself for completing.

This is your jar so do what you need to stay focused on your goal. Who knows, at the end of the month you may have a nice $50-$75 accumulated to spend on whatever you like. Or better yet, let the money pile up and after 8-10 months you may be able to take a mini vacation somewhere. Imagine that! Not only will you lose a substantial amount of weight, eat healthier, and get in better shape, but you may get to enjoy all that success with a nice trip to Hawaii or Florida.

All this is possible with a motivational tip jar!

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