Trying New Recipes Can Be Exciting and Healthy

trying new recipesComing from an ex-300 pound man I know how difficult it is to develop healthy eating habits especially when being addicted to fast food, soda, and potato chips for over a decade. In hindsight, it makes complete sense why an individual would gain a substantial amount of weight eating out more often than cooking at home.

If you are in a similar situation and would like to change your habits around in an effort to lose weight, one of the best ways to do that is by trying out new recipes at home. If a positive change is going to be made, it needs to first start in the kitchen. By trying new recipes not only will you get the chance to cook something healthy, but you may find new combinations you hadn’t thought of, or tried before.

This can be the perfect opportunity to make those delicious looking meals you may have seen in a magazine, on a television show, or somewhere on the Internet. Heck, you may even want to splurge and purchase a recipe book from a bookstore to get directly in your hands a great number of meals you can prepare. You can then keep this book right in your kitchen and highlight/tab the pages with meals your family enjoys for future reference.

It Can Be A Blast Trying New Recipes Out

If you need a little motivation so that this can become a true weekly habit with your family, designate one particular night to be a “try a new healthy meal” experience. For instance, every Tuesday night you prepare a meal that’s different from what’s been typically eaten in your household. Eventually this tradition will be the new healthy standard your family adheres to week after week.

When starting out, don’t over complicated things trying to prepare a meal that is time-consuming and elaborate. Choose something that looks appealing to you but won’t take you hours to make. By reading the directions and checking for a prep and/or cooking time you should get a good idea of the level of difficulty that particular meal will take.

careful of what you eatIf you’d like a great place to start for some ideas, check out our Healthy Meals of the Week section right here on our website -> Healthy Meals of the Week. Not only does each meal come with an ingredient list, step-by-step directions, and close-up pictures, but you’ll also get a leftover idea you can use for the following day as a travel lunch or even for dinner.

In other words, you’ll cook once but possibly have two or more meals worth of food. Leftovers can truly be heaven-sent if you put them to good use and store appropriate portion sizes in containers immediately afterwards.

A crucial point to keep in mind is even though you are trying new recipes at home, that still means you need to maintain self-control. Portion size is the number one issue many people struggle with and why weight loss eludes them.

Since healthy nutrition and losing weight are the main topics at hand, don’t forget to take into account the beverages you drink and subtle appetizers that may get attached alongside these meals. Try to stick with just the meal as planned, preferably with a large glass or two of water which will add 0 calories to your overall total. It’s decisions like these that will determine your overall calorie count and if the meal truly stays a healthy one.

Simply put, why spend the time preparing a healthy meal if you’re going to end up adding a couple of breadsticks (200 calories each), 2 large beers (220 calories each), and a piece of chocolate cake for dessert (500 calories)?

The original healthy meal that was likely around 500 calories just became a whopping 1,840 with those unfortunate additions! That’s how easy it is to turn something that was originally a fantastic choice into an event that definitely packed on more weight. Be careful out there.

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