If You Have Time For TV, You Have Time To Exercise

time for tvOne of the most common reasons people have for not being able to exercise on a regular basis is that they do not have enough time during the day. Does this sound familiar? Maybe you have been guilty of telling yourself this is the reason why you are unable to workout on a consistent schedule. If so, try not to feel too bad and get down on yourself because you are far from being the only one using this excuse.

This is not an attempt to downplay the daily schedule of individuals who avoid regular exercise due to having a jam-packed day with work, chores, kids, along with other time-zappers that arise. There are millions of reasons why exercising on a consistent basis takes a backseat to other day-to-day activities.

First off, if you are content with the lack of exercise and have no desire to change your ways, then by all means stop reading this article because you are definitely wasting your time. However, if you truly want to lose weight and get fit, in addition to eating in a more healthy manner, you will have to find a way to start exercising on a regular basis.

Here’s something you should really take to heart. If you have time to watch television, you have time to exercise. Simple and straight to the point.

If You Have Time For TV, You Have Time To Exercise

In actuality, if you have time for any type of leisure activity such as reading a book/newspaper, using the computer for non-work related things (like social media), and particularly watching movies/television, these are specific moments you will want to consider to change or at least alter a bit in order to accommodate exercise regularly.

As the idea for this article popped into my head, I thought about my past experiences with “leisure time” activities and how I was accustomed to spend my time away from work. The number one leisure activity for me was that darn television.

That’s when I asked myself some simple questions to test how important this television time was to me. See if you can answer these same 3 questions which may open your eyes and get you to rethink the role the TV plays in your leisure time.

1) What did you watch 3 weeks ago at 9pm on a Tuesday night?

2) What was the plot of your favorite tv show in the first week of October last year?

3) OK, Ok, something a bit more recent. What is your favorite memory of your television viewing from last week?

a healthy habitAfter taking a moment to really think carefully about these questions, you may have found out an interesting revelation just as I did when I thought about these same three. My answers were 1) Have no idea, possibly an Ancient Aliens show or some movie on a cable station 2) My favorite show is Big Bang Theory so I know it was funny, but I don’t remember specifics 3) Nothing stands out, except a Redbox movie rental Non-Stop. But will I really remember that 2 months or a year from now?

Did you have difficulties coming up with accurate, memorable answers to these questions?

Sure watching television is an enjoyable way to spend the evening after a long day of work, chores, and kids. Naturally after an exhausting jam-packed day, it’s refreshing to jump in bed and simply not have to move anything other than your eyes at the images on the screen.

However, I think now about how many countless “free-time” hours I spent sitting on the couch or laying in bed watching television. Often I would just channel surf until I found something that peaked my interest. Bam, one hour just flew by. That could have been one hour working out burning 700+ calories and making my body healthier and stronger.

This is the decision you will have to come to just as I had to about two years ago. Either change your habits or stay in the same condition you are in. I was sick and tired of being lazy and out of shape and was determined to do something about it especially when I found out I weighed nearly 300 pounds. Now, a year and a half later, I am proud to state that I am 45 pounds lighter and continuing to lose a little more week by week.

Sure I still watch television, but now it’s usually after I’ve worked out for at least an hour as I’m falling asleep after a long, productive day. The choices you make from this point on will help determine the direction your life will take.

Just remember, the next time you use the excuse “I don’t have time to exercise” hopefully it’s not said after you watched two hours of the Kardashian show or Friends re-runs.

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