There’s Some Road Work Ahead

road work aheadThe dreaded road work ahead sign you once in a while when driving on the streets or freeway. The familiar orange-colored diamond-shaped warning advising you of the fact that there is some type of construction up ahead.

Granted this is a necessity to ensure we are able to drive on safe paths, nevertheless this likely means there’ll be a slow down in traffic, a loss of one or more lanes, and a slight delay in reaching your destination. Naturally we all prefer to have a smooth sailing trip without any inconvenience or traffic whatsoever, however that is not always the case.

This is precisely how the weight loss process should be viewed as road work ahead, however in this case the road being improved is your body.

There’s Some Road Work Ahead

Just as construction projects have different time tables for completion, the same can be said for losing weight. Not only is the amount of weight an individual is trying to lose different for everyone, but also the level of effort that will be put forth.

That means the person who wants to lose 10 pounds won’t necessarily achieve this goal faster than the person who wants to lose 50 pounds. Sure the latter is attempting to lose much more weight, but the true determining factor will be the amount of effort and commitment given to the job at hand.

In other words, someone may only want to lose 20 pounds but may unfortunately take over a year to reach this goal since this individual will not commit themselves wholeheartedly to the process by improving their nutrition and getting a consistent form of exercise.

you are what you doOn the other hand, a committed individual who wants to lose 60 pounds will be able to reach this goal in only 6 months by changing their daily nutrition, eating appropriate portion sizes, drinking water instead of soda, and working out 4-6 days per week.

If you are embarking on a journey to lose weight and get fit, you will definitely have some road work ahead. Depending how diligently you work on your “road” will determine how quickly your path gets repaired.

Remember this is your life, your road, so try to make it as smooth as possible. Regardless of the difficulties you may encounter as you are working on your road, keep in the back of your mind the overall goal you have, and how much more improved your life will be when you are able to get rid of that excess weight and develop a healthier existence.

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