Mr. Portion Size – The Sneaky Culprit of Weight Gain

sneaky culprit of weight gainPicture this, you get up in the morning and decide to surprise your significant other by cooking a lovely breakfast. You prepare bacon, eggs, pancakes, toast, and hashbrowns served along with orange juice and a glass of milk. Later on at work you and a few colleagues go out to a restaurant for lunch where you get a chicken caesar salad with a bowl of soup, a couple of breadsticks and end up drinking two sodas. Finally at dinnertime, you choose to order a pizza with your loved one and enjoy a movie to finish off the night.

What do you think of the nutritional choices of that particular day? Does that sound like something familiar that may happen frequently in your life?

At first look, this day may not seem as though it was terribly detrimental in regards to nutrition, especially when there was a salad eaten for lunch. However upon actual inspection of each eating moment you will see exactly how bad it really was.

The Sneaky Culprit of Weight Gain Is Mr. Portion Size

Subtly tucked away in the background is a little sneaky culprit that ends up causing the majority of issues leading to weight gain and his name is Mr. Portion Size.

When you do not maintain an appropriate calorie amount for the day, your body will take in too many calories. More than it needs to function efficiently.

When this happens, those extra calories need to go somewhere. If they are not exercised off in some way then they unfortunately get stuck on the body in the form of fat. When Mr. Portion Size continues to get carried away, the pounds naturally continue to pile up.

Let’s look back at simple example mentioned above since it happens far too frequently for many folks and is one of the main reasons why people continue to get stuck trying to lose weight.

healthy recipesAs thoughtful as it was to cook a lavish breakfast for your loved one, all of that food is just not needed for one single meal. A breakfast with 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 pancakes, a serving of hashbrowns, 2 pieces of toast along with an 8 oz. glass of orange juice and whole milk will come out to over 1,100 calories! More than double someone should have for a breakfast meal and close to 75% of a whole day’s calorie allowance right at the start of the day.

Instead of this extravagant breakfast, a similar yet more appropriate meal would have been 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and a large glass of water. Better yet, ditch the toast completely and add a cup of fruit with some cottage cheese instead.

Moving on to that lunch meal. Even though hearing the word salad many automatically assume that it must be a “healthy” choice but that’s not always the case. Caesar dressing is one of the most calorie-rich options to select as a salad topping and should be avoided. Two measly tablespoons totals 130 calories and most people use three or even four times that amount on a salad meaning you will have 340-520 calories just in salad dressing alone.

Lite Italian dressing on the other hand will give you only 35 calories per 2 tablespoon servings. A much more healthy conscious choice.

The two breadsticks also donated an extra 300 calories and those 2 sodas packed on another 400 calories. If water was chosen as the drink and without the breadsticks, 0 calories would have been added to the salad total.

Unfortunately this salad meal as it was came out to about 1,500 calories total when it could have easily been around 500 if healthier choices were made.

Finally in regards to that pizza finale. Having one or two slices of pizza is not terribly bad, however do you usually stick with just that amount? Most unfortunately don’t or have trouble controlling themselves around these triangular delights.

start to be greatNot only is it extremely tempting to pick up a couple more slices from the box, but think about the extras that often come along with a pizza order. The buffalo wings, garlic cheese bread, pasta dishes, and of course the soda pop. Each bite and drink of something will have a calorie amount and that’s where Mr. Portion Size begins to knock on the door hoping you continue to eat, eat, eat.

As you work on improving your nutritional choices and develop a consistent exercise routine, keep in mind the damage Mr. Portion Size can inflict when not controlled. He will continually try to tempt you to eat and drink far more than needed unfortunately on a meal-by-meal, snack-by-snack basis.

Your willpower and commitment to achieve your weight loss goal will be your two greatest allies as you focus on improving your nutrition. Always keep the sneaky culprit of weight gain Mr. Portion Size in the back of your mind and you will slowly keep him in check to the point where he no longer causes any negative issues.

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