The Many Choices You’re Faced With Every Day

many choices everydayHave you ever stopped to think about how many decisions you actually need to make on a daily basis? From the very moment you wake up it’s likely a day filled with choices. Some are extremely important, others we may not even think much about before arriving at an answer.

Think of these choices many handle within the first hour of hearing that wonderful alarm clock sound off:

1) Hit the snooze button or wake up now?
2) Take a shower or bath?
3) Have time to workout in the morning?
4) What to eat for breakfast?
5) Which outfit to wear?
6) Pack a lunch for work or buy take out?
7) What clothes for the kids?
8) Homework and lunches for the kids ready?
9) Should you take streets or the freeway to work?
10) Plan for dinner before leaving for work or grab fast food on the way home?

There Are Many Choices You’re Faced Each and Every Day

There’s likely more than these 10 questions to deal with in the morning but as you can see, any typical day is filled with many, many choices. It’s the decisions you make related to your health and fitness that will determine if you improve your weight condition.

If you truly want to lose weight and get into better shape, one of the best ways to combat this issue is to take complete control over your daily nutrition. That means carefully thinking about each choice in regards to food and drink, regardless if it is a meal or a simple snack, you need to make a decision on what will be beneficial for your body.

Out of those ten example choices listed above, three of them dealt with food. Even though they may not seem like a big deal, those three questions really set the tone for the day especially since they are in regards to the three main meals. If not much consideration is given to these three choices, then it will be extremely easy to make decisions that will not be productive for you.

motivationFor example, think if someone were to prepare a breakfast at home with pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage along with orange juice, then for lunch go to McDonalds for a double quarter pounder meal with a large soda, then after a long day of work come home and order pizza for the family and eats three slices along with two more glasses of soda. These three choices that seemed innocent at first turned out to be a 3,000+ calorie event.

That is enough food for two days packed into one! How can anyone expect to lose weight and get into shape if these are the types of decisions made with the nutritional choices of the day? They can’t and won’t and the weight gain situation will continue to go downhill.

However on the flip side, let’s say this same person took time to really contemplate the importance of these meal choices of the day and instead opts to have a bowl of whole grain cereal with fat-free milk and a cup of black coffee for breakfast, for lunch this person brings with them from home a whole wheat wrap of ham, lettuce, avocado and fat-free cheese along with a bag of fruit, and then for dinner takes the time to cook salmon with brown rice and veggies.

healthy dinnersThis individual has kept their three main meals of the day at an appropriate amount and likely has a total of only around 1,000 calories. If a couple of healthy snacks are included in between these meals to keep the body properly nourished, then the calorie total for the day will be under their regular allowance thus creating a calorie deficiency. In other words ]weight loss.

When this type of control and effort is maintained on a regular basis, you can see how the accumulation of consistent calorie deficiencies will lead to substantial weight loss over time.

The many choices of the day we are all faced with can feel overwhelming, and it’s easy to overlook the importance of healthy nutrition especially when we are slammed with a ton of other things to deal with. However if you truly want to make a difference in your weight and improve your health and fitness, then the decisions you make especially in regards to your nutrition will make all the difference in the world.

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