The Healthy Water Habit

healthy water habitOne aspect of the weight loss process that often gets overlooked is improving the choices of beverages consumed throughout the day. Many people forget the fact that soda, juice, energy drinks, and especially alcoholic beverages all have a particular calorie count. That calorie total depends on the type and size of the drink in question.

In other words a 12 oz. can of Pepsi is going to be 150 calories whereas a 44 oz. Super Big Gulp Pepsi is going to be about 510 calories. There’s a huge difference between those two drinks even though they are both the same exact beverage. This is one of the main reasons why portion size even in regards to liquids is a very important point to keep in mind.

Start the Healthy Water Habit If You Haven’t Already

Furthermore it can be especially tough to keep your calorie count at an acceptable amount particularly when alcohol is being consumed since rarely does a person stick with just one drink. For instance, the popular Belgium white beer Blue Moon for a mere 12 oz.. bottle you will get hit with 168 calories. If this individual decides to have 4 of these, they will have a total of 672 calories just in drinks alone! To make matters worse often when alcoholic drinks are being consumed, calorie-rich appetizers or snacks such as potato chips are being devoured at the same time meaning a double dosage of “stuff” that’s likely going to get stuck on the body somewhere.

As you make the healthy transition from sugary drinks that are packed with calories the body doesn’t need, to beverages that are going to have a positive impact on your body, always keep in mind the fact that everything you put into your body will have an effect on your daily overall calorie total. Your goal by the time you go to sleep your calorie total should be at (or slightly under) your target amount. If you don’t know what your calorie total for your age/gender should be, take a look at this page to get an approximate goal to strive for each day –>

no regretsWhen you focus on hitting this calorie total each and every day, you will soon realize how drinks can be sneaky culprits that continually throw a wrench into your weight loss progress. If you are used to drinking two sodas at lunch, an energy drink on the way home from work, and a few beers on the couch at home while watching television, then losing weight may be a difficult goal for you to accomplish. Those drinks alone are totaling more than 1,000+ calories and that’s not adding one single morsel of food!

If water is substituted in each one of those scenarios, the total calorie count in beverages would be zero. What a difference that is!

Essentially this healthy water habit should become the beverage consumed the majority of each and every day. Remember, our bodies are comprised of about 70% of it so makes sense to drink water as often as possible. Unfortunately our bodies aren’t made of 70% soda because then you’d be able to drink that as often as you’d like.

Alas, that’s not the case, so let’s focus on what’s going to have a positive impact on your weight loss efforts. For the time being, ditch the soda, juice, and energy drinks. If you need a caffeine boast, black coffee has only 5 calories per cup so that can be a great alternative for those who need the extra energy when needed.

Even if you aren’t able to ditch all the unhealthy beverages at first, try to take small incremental steps. By starting off getting rid of just the two lunchtime sodas each day will save your body 1,500 calories per week. Better yet, 78,000 calories a year which translates to 22 pounds less weight your body will need to deal with.

That’s just getting rid of two sodas a day, imagine what you could do if you focused on all the other drinks consumed throughout the day and substituted water instead? This healthy water habit right here might be your ticket to true weight loss success so give it a try for a month and see how it helps you overcome this hurdle.

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