The Tale of Two Different NFL Fans

nfl fansSince it’s that time of the year and the heart of the football season is upon us let’s take a quick look at two very different types of NFL fans and how they enjoy watching the game from the comfort of their home. This post is meant to show you that just because you like to watch football on TV does not mean you need to do so in an unhealthy manner. If losing weight and getting in shape are top priorities in your life, then just because it’s football game day does not mean your self-control should go completely out the window.

Sure there will be times when there are get-togethers and you’re hanging out with family or friends barbecuing and having a good time. Naturally it would be very difficult to stick with ideal nutrition in a party-type atmosphere, therefore our tale of two different NFL fans will look at both as they are simply watching the game by themselves in the comfort of their own home.

The Tale of Two Different NFL Fans

Let’s meet Bob. The fan who proudly proclaims he gives it his all each and every football game. He is a creature of habit, therefore for every game he has a fridge full of beer and soda along with at least two bowls of potato chips and three of his favorite types of dips on the coffee table. Another one of his typical traditions is ordering an extra-large pizza and dozen wings from his favorite delivery spot. Since there are three days during the week when professional football is shown on television in the United States, every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Bob participates in his football tradition in this manner.

Now let’s meet Frank. Frank is also an avid NFL enthusiast and never fails to watch the games all season long. However Frank is also very conscious of his health and fitness. He learned long ago that the amount of calories put into the body on a daily basis need to be appropriate along with getting a consistent form of exercise to keep the body and mind healthy. Therefore, when Frank is watching football games at home alone, or with his wife, he treats it just as any other day.

Frank doesn’t camp out on the couch with a large soda in one hand while the other hand continually dives into a bowl of potato chips or an assortment of cookies. He instead elects to drink an ice cold glass of water. If he feels a hunger craving come on, he chooses a healthy snack like carrots and celery with a bit of peanut butter, or a handful of raisins with almonds.

no excusesFrank has also been known to workout during the breaks since there are many opportunities found throughout any given day. The time outs, commercial breaks, quarter breaks, even halftime all provide moments when any variety of calisthenic exercises can be done such as situps, pushups, squats, lunges, burpees, etc. Once in a while Frank has even gone for a 30 minute run during halftime and afterwards use the cool down time in front of the television to stretch while still enjoying the game.

This is the tale of two different NFL fans and their very different ways of enjoying the game from home. If you are also a football fan and enjoying watching the games (or any other type of sport) regularly, how do you usually spend the 2-3 hours in front of the television? Are these hours spent in a healthy manner like Frank or more along the way that Bob spends the time?

Remember, your body does not care if it is the weekend, your birthday, New Year’s Eve, or football season. A day is simply a day for your body. If you are really concerned about losing weight and getting into shape then the choices you make on a regular basis are going to determine your success in this endeavour. Don’t let each and every game day spoil your efforts and take you all the way back to square one. The constant up and down cycle will not help your inspiration or motivation to continue on with your weight loss efforts.

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