Take Care of Number One – 4 Healthy Habits

take care of number oneIt can be relatively easy to overlook your own health needs especially if you have a family with young children. Let’s face it, children generally become priority number one and that’s justified since they need the watchful guidance of their parents to help ensure they grow up properly.

However this in itself may force you to loose sight of your own needs and that can have a trickle effect on the rest of the members in your household. In other words, if you are not mentally, emotionally, and physically sounds, then that may reflect on how you will act towards your family.

Therefore one of the most effective ways to handle the stress and rigors of daily life is to stick with some healthy living habits so you can take care of number one.

Take Care of Number One – 4 Healthy Habits To Live By

Essentially that means you eat nutritiously, get a regular form of exercise, hydrate daily, and get an adequate amount of sleep every night. Through repetition, you will find yourself not only losing weight but getting into better shape, and along with that comes a delightful increase in energy.

Here are 4 healthy habits you should try to develop as soon as possible.

1) Healthy Nutrition
Since we are usually faced with 3-7 confrontations a day with food and drink, it is critical to tackle this area first. When you get it into your mind that your body only needs a certain amount of calories each day, and try your hardest to stick more or less with that amount, you will be properly nourishing your body. It’s the excessive eating and drinking that causes a negative effect on the body.

Try to plan out your meals and snacks of the day so you are not reliant on fast food or snacking on fattening items such as potato chips and soda. These foods do nothing beneficial for your body and just provide a temporary sugar rush leaving you feeling more tired afterwards. When you plan out what you will have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with healthy snacks in between those meals, you will have much better control of your daily calorie intake.

2) Consistent Exercise
One of the best ways to relieve stress is by exercising. The beauty of exercise is that it can take many forms. There is not one type of exercise that is the correct one. In all actuality, the right exercise for you is the exercise that you enjoy doing on a regular basis – three to five times per week. Better yet, you can change the activities so that you have a diversified activity list that will keep you motivated along with targeting different muscle groups.

3) Hydration
Water is the key to life and the reason why 70% of our bodies are composed of the substance. Just as the saying goes, we can survive a few weeks without food but we are dead in a few days without water. If you haven’t developed the habit of drinking a lot of water on a regular basis started doing so as soon as possible.

Water is literally the perfect drink. It has zero calories, plus aides our bodies by washing out impurities and helps speed along the digestive process. Therefore try to trade in that soda, juice, or energy drink for a nice cold bottle of water. If you make it a habit to always have a bottle at hand, and drink it with every meal and snack, you will find yourself getting fuller with less food than you used to eat in the past which means less calories entering the body.

4) Proper Amount of Sleep
Sleep is the time when our body recovers from the day’s events. If you do not get an adequate amount of sleep, you most likely feel the effects with a lethargic, tired feeling the following day. Rightfully so since the body did not get a chance to rejuvenate itself with the necessary REM cycles. Don’t deprive your body of this crucial time especially since you will need to deal with the repercussions the following day.

You will find that if you exercise regularly, you will be looking forward to this sleep time since you will be completely spent by the end of the day. Don’t waste precious hours glued to the television screen when that time could be spent getting the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

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