Staying In Relative Control This Holiday Season

holiday seasonIt’s that time of year again. Right around the start of November as the weather starts to get cooler and decorations start popping up, along with this festive mood comes all those holiday season goodies. Most figure that on Thanksgiving and Christmas they will overeat and that’s what typically happens for the most part. However what many people overlook is that during the entire holiday season starting from early November through the first week in January there are a whole host of distractions that can easily throw an individual who is trying to lose weight completely off track.

If you have been diligently working on losing weight, you have most likely been focusing on eating more nutritiously while at the same time being mindful of the portion size consumed at each meal. These are excellent areas to focus on since these two alone can be the most powerful predictors of weight loss success.

During the holiday season it’s extremely easy to get carried away and start devouring anything and everything that’s in sight especially if the presentation catches your eye.

Stay In Relative Control This Holiday Season

Even though everyone has debunked the myth that folks gain 5-10 pounds on the actual Thanksgiving holiday, most people fail to take into account the whole holiday period which is almost two months long. Sure you won’t gain 5 pounds in one day since that would mean you’d have to consume over 17,500 calories when most of us only hover around the 2,000 on average each day.

But when you consider all the festivities and get-togethers you will likely go to over the course of the next two months, excessive eating will occur repeatedly and herein lies the issue. Not only are there family functions to attend but there are likely holiday work parties, outings with friends, special dinners with your immediate family, not to mention the New Years bash.

body keeps a journalAnd those are just the main functions. There’s also the food and treats that are associated with this time of the year tempting us at the supermarket or when a co-worker so kindly brings an assortment of desserts to share with everyone. Those holiday treats in the form of cupcakes, cookies, pies and other desserts all have a hefty calorie tag that comes along with them.

There’s also the dinners that offer an increase in side dishes that likely look extremely appealing especially if you only see this kind of spread a few times a year. Excessive eating will definitely happen here if you don’t maintain some sort of self-control.

More alarming, if an individual is already overweight or obese, they are likely to gain more weight during the holiday season as opposed to someone who is fit or near their ideal weight. Reason being is the fit person usually has much more self-control when it comes to eat and drinking. Naturally they’ll probably consume more than they’re used to during the holidays but the difference is they will quickly get back to their usual plan and may even possibly do additional exercise to help burn off the excess that was taken in.

As we all approach the upcoming holiday season, it’s important to keep the meaning of the festivities in mind and enjoy yourself with family and friends. However if you are currently working on a weight loss goal try not to let these next two months completely unravel all your hard work and take you back to square one.

That can do a number on your motivation and confidence to continually fluctuate up and down with your weight and fitness. Try not to let this happen to you as we approach the holidays and always keep your overall weight loss goal in the back of your mind.

Each bit you take, drink you gulp, and exercise you do will have an effect on your outcome. Hopefully the choices you make will be for the most part healthy ones this holiday season.

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