Are You Prepared To Start The Week Off Right?

start the week off rightOne of the best opportunities you have to stick with a healthy eating plan during the week begins bright and early each Monday morning. This is the moment when the weekend festivities are over and it’s back to the old grind since the majority of us start a new work week.

Why not use this weekly starting point to try and stick with a healthy eating plan?

If you have been wanting to begin eating in a more nutritious manner especially with the hopes of losing weight, use the start of a new week to springboard into action. You’ll find that if you can get through the first day of the week in a healthy manner, you will be much more motivated and inspired to do the same the following day.

And the pattern will likely continue.

Are You Ready To Start The Week Off Right?

Therefore as Sunday draws to a close, take a moment to plan out your meals for the following day. Not only should you take into account the three main meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner but also plan for a healthy snack in between those meals.

Snacks are very important to help keep your metabolism going with a constant flow of energy, but also to help prevent you from having to endure long stretches of time without any fuel.

there is no tomorrowIt is those specific lengthy moments of time without sustenance you want to avoid since generally afterwards too much food will be eaten at the next opportunity. This equates to overeating and will most likely cause you to take in too much for the entire day.

When you plan out what you will have for meals and snacks, remember to also take into consideration the portion size of each. This is often the most overlooked aspect of healthy nutrition and the reason why the majority of people who attempt to lose weight continually fail.

Surprising as it sounds, it’s still possible to gain weight even when eating healthy food! It all comes down to calories. If you are eating too many of them on a regular basis, then naturally you will gain weight.

Therefore as you plan out your snacks and meals, do so keeping portion control as your number one priority. That’s why by portioning your lunch and snacks into plastic travel containers and baggies you can really help eliminate the over-eating issue.

Don’t take an entire box of cookies or large bag of potato chips with you and expect to stick with appropriate portion sizes. Not only should these types of snacks not be eaten, it will be entirely too difficult to maintain self-control on a daily basis. Most likely your hand will continue to dive into the container an excessive amount of times throughout the day.

Take the time on a Sunday evening to pack your lunch and snacks for the following day and you will see how much more inclined you will be to stick with healthy nutrition for the entire day.

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