Putting To Use The Space On Top Of The Refrigerator

top of the reFor some, the refrigerator in our home is not tucked away in a custom-fit cabinet which may leave the top exposed providing some extra storage space. Instead of letting this area become a good-for-nothing cluttered mess, you can put this space to great use which may be helpful especially if you’re trying to improve your health.

If you don’t have the luxury of having extra storage space on top of the refrigerator, you can still use the ideas in this article to motivate you to tidy up and organize the spaces you do have in your kitchen.

With a goal to lose weight, know that 70% of your success will come from your daily nutrition. That’s why to increase the likelihood for actually reaching this goal, you need to take complete control over your kitchen.

Why Not Put To Use The Storage Space On Top Of The Refrigerator

Start at the very beginning by first completely clearing the entire top of the refrigerator. You can also take this opportunity to wash the top off with a slightly damp soapy rag so it’s fresh and ready to be stocked.

Be sure to address these three points:

organized space on top of the refrigerator1. Get stackable shelves to increase the space
One way to keep everything organized and increase the storage capacity is to put stackable shelves or plastic baskets on top of the frig. It may be difficult to purchase the storage containers before you know exactly what you want to keep there, so decide on that first. What are the items that will help you live a healthy life?

You should keep all the things you want to use regularly in plain sight so they aren’t forgotten. Drawers and cabinets are handy storage locations however one problem is when they are closed, everything is out of sight. This can lead to forgetting what is stored there especially when first starting out creating this new healthy habit. This is another reason why keeping important items stored on top of the refrigerator in plain sight can really help you create and maintain this new habit.

2. A section for plastic travel containers in various sizes with lids
One of the healthiest habits you can develop is taking travel lunches with you to work. Instead of having to depend on a fast food spot or the cafeteria at work, especially since both offer tempting calorie packed unhealthy options, you should get in the habit of taking leftovers with you to work. This is where plastic travel containers are a true blessing.

Keep various sized containers with their respective lids right there in a section on top of the refrigerator so that immediately after you’re done eating dinner you can store your travel portions for lunch/dinner the following day. Another benefit to having these containers stored on top of the frig is you can easily see when you’re running low on a particular size and can add them to your grocery list on your next shopping trip.

3. Easy Access for the blender, food processor or crock pot
Are you thinking about making healthy fruit smoothies, hummus, or stews? These dishes along with many other tasty delights will be created using either a blender, food processor, or a crock pot. If you want to improve your nutrition, you need to be willing to try out new healthy recipes.

Once you have some recipes in hand, maintaining these three essential kitchen tools at the ready will help ensure you can create these meals whenever you want. Clean and store them in a visible location such as the top of your refrigerator and you may find yourself inspired to use them when you actually have them in front of you as opposed to out of sight, out of mind. You may want to consider purchasing plastic see-through covers to help keep dust off these handy machines if you’d like.

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