It’s The Small Decisions That Determine Weight Loss Success

standing between you and your dreamIf you were to sum up the process of losing weight, it would essentially come down to eating healthy and exercising regularly. Sounds simple enough, yet statistics show that obesity is on a drastic rise and seemingly not getting much better.

Sure it’s easy to say that you are going to eat healthy and workout regularly, but how often do people actually stick with this commitment past a week or two? Have you ever made this commitment in the past and were unsuccessful in accomplishing your goal? If so, think of what or where you went astray. Are you able to identify one or two of the obstacles that were the most difficult to overcome?

One aspect of weight loss success that many people often overlook are the snacking scenarios. Those times when you consume food or drink that is not considered one of the three main meals of the day. It is in these specific moments, as minor as they may seem, when a person can really create a situation that will inevitably prevent them from losing weight.

Keep In Mind The Small Decisions That Will Help Determine Your Weight Loss Success

Think of how many times each day you are faced with an opportunity to eat or drink something that is not at a “main” meal. Before work, while driving to work, at your desk, at break, after work, driving home, on the couch, in the kitchen, at the computer, and even in bed. There are many moments throughout each day when the possibility of consuming something is plausible, and it’s the decisions you make at these specific instances which will help determine how successful you are with losing weight.

Imagine if you habitually snack on a bag of potato chips and drink soda while watching television at home. As popular as this form of snacking is for many people, this single snacking instance can easily toss 1,000+ calories into your body! If this were to happen on a daily basis you can see how this single moment’s decision to snack on something unhealthy can easily lead to weight gain.

How you handle the small decisions that may seem insignificant will really be one of the determining factors of your weight loss success.

motivationWhen you are able to consciously avoid snacking while watching tv, using the computer, or doing any leisure activity, you will stay more on track with your plan to lose weight. Even if you simply make a change in your snack choice, you can save your body hundreds, and even thousands of calories each and every week. Instead of munching on the typical bag of potato chips, have a fruit or low calorie granola bar. Instead of soda or beer, drink regular purified water. You have just turned what used to be a 1,000 calorie snacking event into a snack that totals only about 100 calories.

That’s a whopping 900 calories less than what used to be consumed on a regular, maybe even daily basis!

It is the small decisions made throughout the day that determine how successful you are with the process of losing weight. Keep repeating that in your head and let it become your mantra as you progress from morning, to noon, to night. Whenever you are faced with a small decision, think of the overall picture and what your goal is.

Be sure to always have healthy snacks handy wherever you have typically snacked in the past – home, car, office, computer desk. This way the next time you have a small hunger craving, you can simply whip out your healthy snacks and finish it off with a nice bottle of drinking water.

You can achieve weight loss success if you are willing to identify the areas where you may not be eating in a healthy manner and start turning that around. It’s not going to happen overnight, but only after a consistent effort to stick with the process. Give it a try next month and see how much different your life can be.

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