Setting Realistic Goals for Weight Loss Success

time for actionSo… you have made that life-changing choice, the decision to eat healthier and exercise regularly in order to lose weight! You have also developed a plan of action, the method you will use to accomplish this. You have a specific plan how you will eat healthier meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and of course snacks too). You also have an action plan for your daily exercise regiment, whatever the choice may be: a monthly membership to your local gym, sports activities, jogging, or a proven, effective workout program like p90x, TurboJam, or the one I’m using, Insanity.

We are now onto the next step – Setting realistic goals.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Setting Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals with your new healthy life choice is extremely important. Wanting to lose 100 pounds in two months through diet and exercise would not be a realistic, wise goal. If you were striving for that, I would be concerned about the health risks and consequences attributed with that extreme approach.

Keep in mind you want this entire process to be a healthy transition for your body, not detrimental in any way. Actually I shouldn’t say process either since the word “process” insinuates a finite start and end. This isn’t a process but a change in lifestyle.

I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this and determined to losing weight, you want to permanently lose the weight right? You don’t want to lose 30 pounds over the next six months just to put them back on your body the following six months…. do you?

We (myself definitely included) want to make an actual change in our lifestyle. A commitment to eat healthier, exercise regularly, and lose that extra baggage that seems to be accumulating more and more each day.

I want to look forward to going to the doctor for my annual checkup and not be ashamed to get on the scale. I want to be confident when they check my blood work knowing that my cholesterol level will be ideal. I don’t want to be borderline diabetic ever again!

Do you see how this isn’t just a six month, or nine month process. It is a lifestyle change from what wasn’t working, to what will. Not only will the benefits be immense in regards to shedding all that extra weight I’ve been lugging around for the past 10 years, but the medical advantages will be just as important as I enter my 40’s.

Therefore when I’m setting realistic goals, I’m not concerned with something like “I have to lose 10 pounds a week”. Main reason because if I’m not able to meet that goal, I’d be disappointed and possibly frustrated with the whole thing. I don’t want to set myself up for any possible failure.

Instead I am going to just follow my plan of eating healthy every day and following the schedule of the Insanity program I purchased. If I do that to the absolute best of my ability, then when I weigh myself every Friday morning, I will see positive results.

Even though I am extremely devoted, and committed to my goal of eating healthy and exercising, I want to do this in a healthy manner. I’m not going to starve myself. I am not going to try and workout 3 times a day and risk injury. I am going to remain realistic in this lifestyle change and not put a time table on my overall goal to lose 80 pounds.

So my personal realistic goals are: eat appropriate portion sized healthy meals and snacks 6 days a week and follow the Insanity workout schedule in order to lose weight every week. If I lose weight every week, be it one pound or five pounds, then I am meeting my goal and eventually I will achieve that ultimate goal of being 80 pounds lighter.

Think about setting realistic goals you want to achieve. Write them down and post them in a place where you can see on a daily basis. This will be your silent mantra. Your guide whenever you might feel a lack in motivation or if your effort starts swaying.

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