Put A Dry Erase Board On Your Refrigerator

dry erase boardWith the hustle and bustle jam-packed in each day, it can become extremely easy to get lost in all the activities that are going on. One way to improve your focus on this matter is by putting a small dry erase board right in your kitchen.

If you have a goal to lose weight and get in better shape, then having a busy day may cause a number of issues making it difficult to adhere to healthy habits that are conducive to weight loss. To make this process easier, especially as you work on transitioning from unhealthy habits to healthy ones, it’s important to use tools and tips that will help ensure you are successful.

Now you may be wondering how could a dry erase board in your kitchen be helpful and put to good use. First things first. Since 70% of weight loss success is determined on your daily nutrition, this needs to be one of the first places you start to tackle right away.

A Dry Erase Board On Your Refrigerator For Weight Loss Motivation

One of the first ways a dry erase board can be used to help with a weight loss goal is to write down a daily/weekly menu of meals you and your family will eat at home. Not only does this help keep you away from the unhealthy fast food, restaurant, or pizza delivery options, but you’ll stay much more focused with your home cooked meal. With a menu written down for all to see, everyone will know exactly what’s going to be on the dinner table that evening.

Another way you can put a kitchen dry erase board to good use is by maintaining a daily or weekly To Do list. By getting in the habit of jotting down things you want to get done, you increase the likelihood of actually accomplishing what you deemed important. Plus, it always helps to have a visual reminder in case these ideas are forgotten as the day or week progresses.

For instance, in the morning as you’re eating breakfast you can list out a few things you want to get done before going to bed that night such as:
1) Clean out the refrigerator top to bottom
2) Walk the dog for one hour
3) Prepare/bag healthy snacks. Store in frig.

kitchen dry erase boardAn additional benefit to having a dry erase board in your kitchen is to maintain an ongoing shopping list. Let’s face it, you can’t always go to the market every time you find out you need one or two items. Not only does that take time, but depending on your situation it may not be convenient or simple to do. Therefore by maintaining a list that continues to grow, you can ensure the next time you are able to jet over to the local supermarket you’ll be able to get a list of all the things you truly need. Oh, and don’t worry about rewriting that list down on paper to take with you to the store, just take a picture of it with camera on your phone and you’ll be good to go.

When it comes the placement of your kitchen dry erase board, you can choose to attach it to the front or side of your refrigerator or mount on the wall where it is highly visible. To mount your dry erase board on your refrigerator, use either magnets or double-sided strong tape you can buy for less that $5 from Home Depot, Lowes, or your local home improvement center (look on the paint aisle).

Presto! You will now have an extremely helpful tool that will keep you focused on your goal so you don’t overlook all the good intentions you started the day or week with.

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