Promote Your BeachBody Business to Coworkers and Colleagues

Promote Beachbody BusinessAnother avenue you should definitely look at when thinking of where to promote your BeachBody Coaching business is amongst your work/colleagues group. This could be a potential score especially if you have somewhat of a tightknit work environment.

What I mean by that is I know many places, especially in an office type setting, you’ll have a group of 10-50 people that you interact with on a daily/weekly basis. So they have come to know you pretty well depending on how long you’ve worked there or how social you have been in the past. You may be extremely close with many of your co-workers especially if you have hung out with them after work at happy hours, birthday parties, family functions, and other things of that nature.

It’s important to keep in mind that you want to get your point across not along the lines of join this, join this, join this, but let them know from the point of what you’ve started doing (working out, getting in shape, losing weight) when you took this new life direction.

You should then play off their responses. If you hear them respond “Ohhh I’ve been wanting to do that too!” or “Man, I need to lose 20 pounds also” or “My wife has been getting on me cause my belly is hanging over my belt!” Anything along those lines, you have a nibble right there. A fish is biting on your bait.

You can then go on to give them specific details on what you have been doing to change your life around. Tell them what you have done so far. More than likely you have been on the “getting in shape” process for a month or two and can give them specific numbers for them to digest. For example, personally I would say something along these lines “Yeah, I’ve been on the Insanity workout program for a month now. I started out weighing 280 pounds and now I’m down to 269 pounds – already lost 11 pounds, I’m eating healthy and I’ve really improved my endurance and physical stamina energy level all because I have been doing this, this and this!”

Those are specific details. Exact results from my actions. If you can translate this across to your colleagues that if they truly want to do the same, then you really have a fish that is biting your hook and are close to a conversion.

Ideally you want people to connect with the desire to improve their health and wellness first. This is critical for individuals to make the connection to a healthy life and the desire to improve their wellness. Once this becomes a priority in their lives you can then explain how you are not only getting in better shape every week, but you also have a money making opportunity that has the potential to earn a substantial amount of money.

Once you have made those points, you can then go deeper into the BeachBody Coaching opportunity and how they have the potential to make monthly income from getting in shape and motivating others to do the same. Just keep in mind to always keep your pitch, your attempt to convince someone of the BeachBody opportunity, lighthearted. Its a decision someone should make entirely on their own, not because you convinced them of it one night. Reason being, even if you were able to talk them into becoming a coach, if they aren’t truly motivated and driven to be successful with this opportunity, then they will simply quit a month or two after signing up. You goal is to find individuals who not only want to definitely improve their health situation, but are eager to make money.