Plastic Travel Containers Are Your Nutritional Allies

plastic travel containersHave you had serious issues trying to eat healthy lunches when you’re away from home? Maybe you have the unhealthy tendency to go to either a fast food spot or a restaurant when it’s your lunch break and you end up eating a meal that is far to hefty in size and calories.

If you want to have success changing your lunchtime eating habits in an effort to lose weight, one of your greatest allies in accomplishing this will be with plastic travel containers.

You may not think much of these little marvels especially if you haven’t used them much in the past, but once you see how helpful they can be hopefully you’ll change your mind and stock your kitchen with a wide assortment of various sizes and shapes.

Your Nutritional Allies Are Plastic Travel Containers

Frequently eating out at fast food places or restaurants will present situations where far too much sustenance can potentially be eaten. This alone can be the number one contributor to substantial weight gain if this habit continually occurs on a regular basis.

Changing this eating habit to one where meals are prepared at home you will have much more success controlling the amount of food placed on the plate in front of you.

In addition to having much more control over your portion size, you will also be able to cook a bit extra to ensure you will have food left afterwards. This extra food will become the all-important meals for the future, and this is exactly where plastic travel containers come into play.

Instead of simply covering the dish and placing the entire pan or pot into the refrigerator where it may or may not get used at a later date, get in the habit of portioning the leftover food into plastic travel containers. Once stored like this, you now have ready-to-go meals that can be used for any occasion.

If you don’t plan on eating the food within the next couple days, you also have the option to freeze the meal for up to three months. It helps immensely if you write the date and the food type on the lid or on a label so you know exactly when it was stored and what’s inside.

healthy portion sizesBy having a few meals stored neatly away in the freezer, you will have emergency food ready for the days you don’t feel like cooking or on the days when there’s no leftovers from the previous night. This way you will not have to resort to going to a fast food spot, restaurant, or order pizza delivery which all offer way too large of portion sizes and in turn, calories.

When you consistently have meals packed in plastic travel containers to take with you when away from home, you will be able to avoid the temptations to go out and buy a fattening fast food meal. Not only will you eat healthier but you will save a lot of money each and every month. With each fast food meal costing $8-$10 after tax, you can see how beneficial it can be not only for your stomach but your wallet as well.

The next time you are at the market shopping for groceries, stop by the aisle with kitchen essentials and pick up a few packages of plastic travel containers in various sizes. You may also want to check your local dollar store (ie: 99 cent store, Dollar Tree) to see what they offer. You’ll often find 3 containers with lids for only a dollar so you can get a variety of 15 containers for around $5.

If you take care of your plastic travel containers and don’t lose/damage the lids, they can easily last a year or two and truly become one of your strongest allies in your journey towards a healthy, fit life.

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