Part 6 – How To Lose Weight In A Week Video Series

Welcome to part 6 of the 10 Steps to Weight Loss Success video series!

Watch Out For Mindless Snacking

Now that the kitchen, snacks, and your weekly menu of meals are in order, it’s time to focus on healthy habits. Developing healthy habits for your daily ritual is imperative so that you maintain control of all the scenarios where food and drink may make their way to your mouth.

One of the most important habits you need to control is the popular snacking while watching tv, reading a book, or using the computer. This is a definite “No No” and must be avoided at all costs. These scenarios get our hands and mouths going in automatic mode and usually eating way too much. When that happens, the calorie count will go completely out the window.

How to Lose Weight In A Week Video Series – Watching Out For Mindless Snacking

Have you ever found yourself munching on a bag of potato chips during a movie and then realize you finished the entire thing? This is literally one of the worst things you can do to ruin a plan to lose weight and get in shape.

Your goal is to follow your weekly menu as best as possible and only eat one or two small healthy snacks in between meals. Break the habit of mindless snacking on the couch and you will save your body a truckload of calories.

Tune back next week for Part 7/10 of our “How to Lose Weight In A Week” video series. Remember, the better prepared you are, the better your results will be. Developing a healthy lifestyle is a process that can take time to hold true, but with regular effort you will soon find yourself on your way to getting that fit, healthy body you want.

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