New Year’s Motivation to Lose Weight

new year's motivationOne of the best things about starting a new year is that it feels as though you’re blessed with the opportunity to take on a completely new goal you want to accomplish. Unfortunately many lack the New Year’s motivation to make these resolutions become a reality. Often these promises to oneself do not come to fruition, however there are those who are truly devoted to their mission and will make the necessary changes to be successful.

According to, 21% of all New Years resolutions deal with some type of weight-loss goal. If you are one of the many who are focusing on losing weight this year, here are a few things to keep in mind to better your chances of accomplishing this often elusive goal.

3 Tips To Help With New Year’s Motivation To Lose Weight

New Year’s Motivation – Take Small Progressive Steps Every Week
This alone should be your number one focus as you start working on weight loss. From the moment you start, each week work on improving one thing about your health and fitness. For instance, maybe the first week you focus on improving the choices of drinks you consume on a daily basis. Therefore during that initial seven-day period you work on eliminating all sodas, juices, gatorades, energy drinks, and fancy flavored coffees and instead switch for water or other near 0 calorie beverage.

when you don't even tryAt the onset of your second week you can focus on preparing food at home in order to eliminate the fast food outings, restaurants, and pizza delivery you may have enjoyed far too frequently in the past. However here’s a crucial point to keep in mind. Just because you start your second week does not mean you forget all the positives you accomplished during your first week.

Successfully losing weight is a cumulative process which is why each week needs to build on the other. Take all the positives you were able to start the week prior and now begin adding another habit that will be beneficial for your health and weight loss goal.

New Year’s Motivation – Start Exercising Regularly
Once you get clearance from your doctor don’t delay to get that body moving. Exercise is the best way to not only burn excess calories from your body but also to start increasing muscle mass and energy. Actually there’s a whole host of benefits to exercising consistently as you likely know so just get going.

However there’s one note of caution you should always keep in mind. It’s crucial you take the slow yet consistent approach when it comes to the topic of exercise. The point of exercising is not to go non-stop for one month and then quit altogether. Not only is that not the point of exercise, pushing your body that hard is likely to cause injury especially if you are not used to working out on a regular basis.

Start slow and in moderate blocks of time. For instance maybe the first week you simply walk for 45 minutes 4-5 days. The following week you increase the time a bit along with the pace of your walk. The week after you may be ready to start alternating between walking and jogging in 10 minute blocks.

standing between you and your dreamAfter the third week of consistently sticking with an exercise routine of 4-5 times every seven days you should feel yourself getting stronger and having more energy. You may want to start changing up the routine and adding new workouts to your repertoire. There may be a variety of exercise classes taught in your area you may enjoy such as crossfit, cycling, yoga, kickboxing, boot camp to name a handful. If you’d like to keep the workouts in the comfort of your own home, there’s plenty available on YouTube or the DVD variety that you may prefer. Here’s a great place to start with a number of award-winning programs thousands have come to love –> At-Home Workout Programs

Point is, find exercises you like and that inspire you to want to stick with this process. Having a variety of workouts you enjoy doing will help keep boredom at bay. When you’re having fun working out, it won’t seem like work at all. You just have to get to that point where your thoughts and attitude towards exercise change and that only comes when you stick with this process for at least a month and find workouts you like doing.

New Year’s Motivation – Review and Revise Your Plan Weekly
Losing weight and getting in shape may come easily for you, or it may be one of the worst internal struggles you’ve ever had to deal with. Regardless of where you lie on the weight loss difficulty scale, it’s important you self-reflect at the end of each week and revise your plan so you start the new week with a specific course of action.

When you take weight loss in 7-day increments, you give yourself a block of time where you can focus on specific instances that will either lead you to lose weight or gain weight. After your initial week, reflect on what went well and what may need adjusting for the upcoming 7 days.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:

1) How many times did you exercise?
2) Were your drinks healthy choices?
3) Did you prepare all your meals at home?
4) Travel lunches for work?
5) Were your snacks healthy and controlled?
6) Did you eat late at night?
7) How was the portion size at meals? Overeat?
8) How many alcohol beverages for the week? (Each serving averages about 130 calories)

Once you honestly answer these questions, you will have specific instances you can work on for the next week. Remember, successfully losing weight comes from sticking with healthy choices week after week for a prolonged period of time. Just as it takes time to build a house from the ground up, the same can be said about the weight loss process.

Don’t expect to shed 75 pounds in a month because that just won’t happen. But you can shed those 75 pounds in 8 months if you dedicate yourself to the process and are willing to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Focus each week on improving your habits, exercise often and review/revise your plan and you will soon start dropping those excess pounds you want to be rid of for good.

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