Creating a Healthy Habit – My Big Blue Cup

my big blue cupMost people will agree one of the healthiest habits you can adopt is to drink lots of water each and every day. Not only does water nourish and hydrate the body, but it aides digestion along with flushing impurities from the body. Best yet, water has absolutely zero calories so it literally is the perfect beverage.

To be honest, I have not always been a die-hard water drinker. It was a habit that I needed to develop particularly since I was a heavy soda consumer. When I say heavy, I mean daily. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Thankfully I’ve changed this habit around and now regularly drink at least six glasses of water each day, sometimes in upwards of ten glasses a day. That’s how much I’ve come to enjoy this refreshing, healthy beverage

That leads us now to the topic of this post – My Big Blue Cup.

My Big Blue Cup Helped Create A Healthy Habit

I have this rather large-sized plastic blue cup that holds exactly 28 ounces of liquid. I have no idea where this cup came from, or how it came into my possession, but for the past year it has come to be known personally for me as my big blue cup.

Aside from my 1 cup of coffee I drink in the morning, water is generally the beverage I consume for the remainder of the day. When eating lunch, a bottle of water, my snack always goes hand-in-hand with water, dinner usually 2 glasses of water, and definitely after working out – water, water, water.

At home, the first thing I look for when I’m thirsty is my big blue cup. For some reason this plain, un-decorative plastic cup that most likely cost no more than a dollar has really helped me stick with drinking water on a daily basis and that is what’s key here.

inspirationMy big blue cup has become such a standard instrument for me, drinking out of another cup when at home means I’m not drinking water. Plus since this cup holds 28 ounces, I’m actually getting 3 glasses of water each time I drink the entire thing!

Point is, if a special cup or glass will help inspire you to create a healthy habit, jump on it. Go for it! Whatever it takes to develop positive, healthy habits is what’s most important to take from this.

Designate what your inspirational drinking cup, mug, glass, bottle will be and it may help you stick with the healthy habit of drinking water every day just like my big blue cup has done for me.

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