Motivation Is Key When Trying To Lose Weight And Get In Shape

start to be greatUnsurprisingly, wanting to lose weight and get in shape is something that is first and foremost on people’s minds nowadays. The obesity epidemic is truly upon us. Besides the United States, countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom estimate that 40% of their population – being men, women and children – are overweight or obese and this figure is rising. There are some countries, notably France, where obesity is less of a problem, but overall the situation is quite dire.

It certainly is true that the only way to lose weight and keep it gone is by following a healthy diet and good exercise regiment. However, what really is the key to weight loss success is being motivated. The only way people will be willing to make a change is when they truly believe they have to. Until that time comes, people around them can continuously tell them that they should lose weight and get in shape, but they won’t until something changes their mind.

Don’t Underestimate The Power of Motivation When Trying To Lose Weight And Get In Shape

For some people the motivation is as simple as not fitting in a favorite pair of trousers anymore, for others it is being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It varies from person to person but the point is, motivation is one of the most important keys to weight loss success.

Motivation And Healthy Eating

In order to eat healthily, you need to be motivated to do so and you need to be supported by people around you. If you want to spend your days eating fresh vegetables but your partner and children constantly munch on chocolate, it will be difficult to get anywhere. Nor will it work to simply confiscate the naughty food away from them.

As said earlier, everybody has to be motivated for themselves to do it. So, if you find your motivation is there, but that of your family isn’t yet, you can either try to help them find their own motivation, or be incredibly strong and try to do it on your own. However, once you commit, you need to stick to it. No more munching on chips, french fries, and cakes, but replace them instead with carrot sticks, apples and bananas for instance.

A little tip to keep you motivated, however, is that you should never completely deny yourself anything. Just because you’re eating in a healthy manner doesn’t mean you can’t have chocolate once in awhile. Just keep it to a minimum and really make it happen only once in awhile.

Motivation And Exercise

The next thing you need to lose weight and get in shape is a good exercise regiment. Here, motivation is perhaps even more important than with healthy eating.

You have a number of options for an exercise regiment. For instance, you can form your own plan to jog regularly around your neighborhood, and/or play an active sport like basketball or tennis. Even if you do not already know how to play one of those sports, your local parks and recreation center, or community college may have an upcoming class where you can learn the sport. This would be the perfect opportunity to not only start getting yourself into shape, but learn a new skill that you may have wanted to for a long time now.

Another option you have is to join a nearby gym with a monthly/annual membership fee. In the Los Angeles area, popular gyms are LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym, but I know there are also smaller workout clubs that people have told me about like Fitness Boot Camp and Curves (for women) that they have come to truly enjoy. If you like or need this type of motivation to stay on course and lose that weight, then this would be the choice for you. Just be sure to check if there is a class schedule (for Zumba, Step Aerobics, KickboxCardio, etc.) with certain times during the day/week, that your own personal schedule will not conflict so you will not have to miss the class that you want to participate in.

The Benefits Of An At-Home DVD Workout Program

One of the best options for convenience of use and to help stay motivated with your exercise program is to use an at-home DVD workout program.

These are easy to follow, come in different levels of intensity levels and are generally a lot of fun to do. Once you get into them, you will find that you won’t be able to remember how you ever did without.

However, you will need to have the motivation to actually turn them on and follow the program’s schedule.

These DVDs are really something else. They often come with hints, tips, and guides on how to eat healthy, how to engage the family and how to stay motivated throughout the duration of the program. It is like having a virtual best friend that will always remind you of why you are doing it and how well you are doing. Expect many well deserved pats on the back in other words.

A little motivation tip: Post the schedule or calendar in a highly visible location along with your weight loss goals. Having these visual reminders in a place where you will see them everyday will help keep up that motivation and inspiration to lose weight and get in shape.

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