Where Did You Post Your Monthly Motivational Calendar?

monthly motivational calendarIf you’ve never had the chance to use a monthly motivational calendar you are really missing out on a great tool that can help you meet any goal you may want to attain. Even though the majority of the time a motivational calendar is used to help people focus on the weight loss process or on an exercise commitment, this calendar is no way limited to these two specific uses.

You can use a monthly motivational calendar to help you focus on a school or work project that has a specific due date. You can also use this calendar to help you finish a home improvement task you have been meaning to tackle for a while now.

Start Using A Monthly Motivational Calendar

By using a month-to-month calendar, you get a see a pretty good-sized view of four and a half weeks of time. With whatever goal you have, you can break it up into smaller tasks spread out amongst the days and weeks. You can then track your progress as the month progresses by writing directly in the box on each particular day the things you want to complete. The following day you can check your progress and see if any revisions need to be made to your plan.

That’s right, this calendar is meant to be written on. Cross things out, draw arrows, highlight, underline, bold, star, whatever you need to do so that this tool becomes a center focal point where you’ll derive all your inspiration and motivation to trek forward.

All you have to do to get started us tack a monthly calendar on the wall of your bedroom, bathroom, or even inside of your closet if you wish to be more discreet about all of this. Just be sure wherever you choose to place this motivational calendar, it is put in a place you frequent on a daily basis. Don’t put it in the back corner of the garage, if you don’t spend much time out there in the first place.

This calendar needs to become a visual reminder not only of your overall goal you are trying to achieve, but also the mini-tasks you need to complete on a daily or weekly basis.

In other words, keep this calendar in a highly visible place at home so that it helps you stay focused on track. Cross out each day as it ends, and be sure to write in the box one or two things you want to complete for the following day. By getting in this daily ritual, you will not only see your motivation increase, but you will become more productive and in turn, accomplish more than you thought possible.

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