Time To Light The Motivational Fire Beneath You

motivational fire“Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.” – Stephen R. Covey

Many people don’t truly realize the role motivation plays in the weight loss process but it actually is of vital importance. The reason why most people quit this endeavour is because they are not truly motivated to make a healthy life change that will give them the weight loss results they supposedly want.

Successfully changing daily eating habits is one of the biggest hurdles to get over which is why time and time again people are not successful losing weight. Most of them simply give up and continue the downward spiral into the land of obesity.

Motivation Is Your Key Ally In The Weight Loss Battle

If you are determined not to be one of those folks who end up there, or if you are sick and tired of already being stuck and want out, your number one ally in all of this will be motivation.

Without motivation you will not get off the couch and exercise regularly. Without motivation you will not change your eating habits from fast food to meals cooked and prepared at home. Without motivation you will not trade those sodas in for water. Without motivation you will not monitor your portion size at each meal and instead overeat frequently.

These are but a few of the decisions you will be faced with on a regular basis and why only those truly motivated to make a change will be successful.

maintain motivationWhat can help spark the motivational fire within you to lose weight can often be the specific reasons why you want to shed the excess pounds in the first place. Reflect and ask yourself why do you really want to lose weight. Once you determine the reason(s), decide if that is enough fuel to create the motivational fire from within to stick with the weight loss process.

Hopefully after 2-3 months have passed with you actively sticking with this process you will have created new healthy habits that guide you through each day. By doing so you will have rid yourself of the unhealthy habits that may have ruled your life for some time now.

Let your thirst for a healthy, fit life be the spark that creates a motivational fire within you that will completely change your world. You have the power within you to make a change, the only question left to ask yourself is – How bad do you really want it?

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