Does Your Kitchen Have Unhealthy Junk?

kitchen have unhealthy junkThose who have taken it upon themselves to lose weight must realize that in order to have actual success with this process, gaining control over your nutrition needs to be priority number one. What helps immensely with this issue is to determine does your kitchen have unhealthy junk.

Many people overlook the fact that weight loss is 70% dependent on the types of food/drinks you consume along with the quantity that’s put into the body. In other words, not only does it take a concerted effort to avoid greasy, fried foods, but also the amount that is placed on the plate in front of you.

Unfortunately drastic weight loss does not occur after eating healthy for one day or even for a week. That’s not how healthy nutrition should be viewed. This is why it’s crucial you check the contents of your kitchen to see if you have any junk food around that is not a healthy option.

It’s Crucial You Determine Does Your Kitchen Have Unhealthy Junk

If you are wondering why would it matter if there are items such as soda, potato chips, cookies and ice cream in your kitchen, here’s an example to help make it crystal clear.

Let’s say for instance on Monday you ate three healthy meals around 400 calories each and two healthy snacks in between these meals that totaled only 100 calories each. The total for your day was only 1,400 calories which most likely means you created a calorie deficiency of about 300-600 calories depending on your gender, age, body type, and daily activity level.

body keeps an accurate journalHowever the next day since you were proud of the fact that you ate healthy on Monday, you waltz into your kitchen at lunchtime and pour yourself a large glass of soda along with a bowl full of potato chips. Then, after dinner you have a large piece of chocolate cake, and finally while watching tv late at night you decide to serve yourself a large bowl of Rocky Road ice cream.

Now in addition to the meals of the day, eating these so-called snacks tacked on about 450 calories in soda, 400 calories in chips, 550 calories with the chocolate cake, and likely about 700 calories for that large bowl of ice cream. In other words those snacks just added an extra 2,100 calories into your body largely due to the fact that they were in your kitchen.

Do you see how even though Monday had a calorie deficiency of 300-500 which was fantastic, but the very next day since restraint wasn’t maintained you went way over your daily allowance by more than 2,000 calories?

How will you be able to lose weight eating in this manner?

This is why it’s so important to make sure you figure out does your kitchen have unhealthy junk. If it does, then most likely you will find it difficult to stick with healthy eating habits regularly. Don’t make it hard for yourself by purposely putting distracting temptations right there within your own kitchen. Those items will do nothing but wreck havoc on a healthy eating agenda to lose weight and eat nutritiously.

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