Inspiration Alert – Keeping Track of Your Workouts

keeping track of your workoutsIt’s amazing how helpful a visual stimulus can be especially when attempting to develop healthy habits. Let’s face it, until something becomes habitual it can be rather tough for change to actually stick especially if you are trying to turn unhealthy habits into healthy ones.

It can be terribly difficult dropping the fast food habit in order to cook more regularly at home. It can be difficult to put down the television remote and get off the couch to go outside and run three or four miles especially if you are not used to doing that.

Keeping Track of Your Workouts

These are just two instances showing you why it can be an inspirational shot in the arm if you’re regularly keeping track of your workouts completed each week. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a monthly wall calendar you can buy at the dollar store and simply tack to your bedroom wall.

This quick fix can really help you make this healthy change of working out stick for good.

keep track of workoutsEach time you complete a workout, use a fine point marker and write the initial, or complete name, of the workout directly in the box for that day. For instance, if you went on a nice 3 mile run on Wednesday around your neighborhood, you’d put a big R in that particular box. If on Friday you went to a local Crossfit class, then in that box you would write a capital C.

Simple yet extremely effective and motivational when you get used to doing this regularly.

It’s a good idea to use the same marker each day so you get a consistent look for the entire month to make it easy to look back and tabulate the number of workouts you were able to do.

By keeping track of your workouts, you will also be able to tell right away the days you are missing out on exercise. If improving your health and fitness are truly goals you’re focusing on, then try not to let more than 3 days pass without some type of exercise. This is another reason why keeping tack of your workouts with a monthly wall calendar can help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Give it a try starting next week and see if it helps you improve the frequency of your workouts. Even if you just get an extra workout per week, that will translate to four additional hours of exercise you’ll be getting every month thanks in part to your motivational wall calendar.

For costing only around one dollar, that’s a well-made investment into improving your health.

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