It’s Not A Diet, It’s Just Healthy Nutrition

not a dietHearing the word ‘diet’ often makes people cringe. The word alone has many negative connotations associated with it. Everything from ‘It’s something supermodels and actors do”, to ‘That’s something for fat people’.

The first thing you need to come to terms with is that if you are striving to lose weight and get fit, you do not have to diet. You don’t have to join a special club, sign up for some fad program, or buy pills that proclaim to be the answer to all your weight loss woes.

Throw those notions out the window.

If you want to have true weight loss success in the most natural manner possible, your main focus should be on healthy nutrition. That may sound simple enough, but when you stop and think about what that actually entails you’ll realize that it’s much more difficult than it seems.

Think That It’s Not A Diet, It’s Simply Healthy Nutrition

To truly maintain healthy nutrition, it’s crucial you take all foods and drinks into consideration. Consider breakfast, lunch, dinner, along with the many snacking instances that arise throughout the day. That means there are often 4-7 moments a day where we are putting something into our mouths. In other words there are 4-7 times when we have the potential to put far too much into our bodies every single day.

This is why losing weight is mostly dependent on your daily nutrition.

Say for instance Joe eats 3 meals per day along with 2 snacks in between. On Monday Joe ate three appropriate portion sized, nutritious meals and an apple and a bottle of water for a snack. However when Joe got home from work he sat down and watched TV with a giant glass of soda and a large bag of potato chips.

A half hour later Joe finds himself with a half empty bag of chips alongside 2 empty glasses of soda. That one single snacking moment was likely 1,000+ calories, and now the entire day of healthy nutrition has been completely ruined.

That’s how easy it can happen and why maintaining self-control at each eating moment is crucial for weight loss success. Just remember, it’s not a diet but simply healthy eating habits throughout the day. If you maintain that mentality, you will be more likely to stick with appropriate amounts of food each time you eat.

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