Is Eating At Subway Really Better Than McDonalds?

subway vs mcdonaldsEven though Subway is proud to claim itself as a healthy fast food restaurant, in a recent study conducted by UCLA, the results may not be what you would expect. Scientists tracked what a group of 100 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 21 ate at both Subway and McDonalds. Surprisingly the difference in calories consumed at both places did not differ as much as many would assume.

After checking the participants’ receipts from both locations, the McDonalds outing averaged 1038 calories with Subway coming in a close second at 955 calories. That’s only a difference of 83 calories on average!

Wondering how can that be?

Want to Know If Eating At Subway Really Better Than McDonalds?

The problem lies with the choices in sandwiches at Subway and with the fact that since most are under the impression that they are eating in a healthy establishment they can order any sandwich they want and pile on the condiments.

Comparing numbers, the study found the popular Big Mac sandwich from McDonalds weighs in at 550 calories, which is actually lightweight when compared to premium sandwiches from Subway such as the Chicken Bacon Ranch with cheese footlong (1,140) or the Pastrami Melt footlong (1,160). Seeing this kind of caloric totals from a footlong sandwich alone not including chips and fountain beverage and it’s easy to see how a supposed “healthy meal” just turned into a 1,600+ event.

eating at subwayTherefore if you truly want to have a healthy experience eating at Subway, you must choose wisely when ordering. Ask yourself do you really need a footlong sandwich or will a 6 inch suffice? A large soda or water? Do you need double cheese or even cheese at all? What about the type of break you choose? Italian Herbs and Cheese is 250 calories per 6 inches whereas the 9 Grain Wheat option is only 210 calories and provides you with 4 grams of fiber too.

Watch out for those condiments too! Try to stay away from the mayonnaise (110 calories per tablespoon), ranch dressing (110 calories), and the Chipotle Southwest sauce (100 calories). Stick with mustard, pepper, and vinegar which will all add practically nothing in calorie count.

Try this the next time you plan on eating at Subway. Opt for a 6 inch Black Forest Ham sandwich with 2 triangle cheese slices on 9 Grain Oat bread with no mayonnaise, mustard and any vegetables you want, no other sauces. Choose apple slices or a yogurt along with a bottle of water.

You will now have in front of you a healthy meal totaling only around 400 calories! What a difference from the 1,100 footlong on that “healthy” menu.

If you would like to figure out the specific nutritional content of any Subway sandwiches including condiments, vegetables, bread, soup, salad, etc, take a look at the following Subway provided link:

Eating at Subway can be a healthy option if you keep in mind not everything on the menu is appropriate if you are trying to eat healthy and lose weight. Be aware of the choices you make, the condiments, snacks, and beverages you select, and you will have a much more pleasant dining experience.

UCLA Study:

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