How Healthy Was Your Day?

how healthy was your dayWhen you truly want to improve your health and fitness, it’s important to realize that your success will depend on how you live each day.

Weight loss success can be determined on how well you maintain healthy nutrition along with your exercise commitment throughout any 24 hour period. The decisions you make in regards to these two topics will determine how quickly you are able to shed the excess weight from your body and get into better shape. This is why it’s crucial you consistently ask yourself how healthy was your day.

Answer Honestly How Healthy Was Your Day?

Drill into your mind that nutrition is priority number one. When you consider how many times throughout each day when you are faced with an opportunity to put something into your body, it’s easy to see why successfully losing weight will happen when you are careful of the amount that is put on your fork or within your cup.

Aside from the three main meals most eat each day, there are generally two or three snacking instances that pop up here and there. At each one of these moments there is a chance to take in too many calories which will lend aide to more weight gain.

Strive to eat an appropriate amount at each instance so your calorie total at the end of the day will be at an acceptable level. When you focus on this you will be much more likely to get rid of the excess weight. It’s really important you realize that even overeating at just one of these instances will make it difficult to lose weight.

appropriate portion sized mealsFocus, focus, focus, on portion size. That should be your priority every time you sit down with a meal or contemplate eating a snack. Meals should be between 400-600 calories each including drinks, and snacks should be between 100-200 calories each, also including drinks.

As surprising as it sounds, you can still gain weight eating healthy food. Plain and simple calories are calories. Calories are found in every type of food and most drinks aside from water and other 0 calorie beverages. This is why you should pay particular attention to the type and amount of food you’re putting into your body.

Take for example fast food meals. There’s a ton more calories found in fast food combos such as cheeseburgers, french fries, and a soda which is why eating out rarely translates into healthy eating. Their portion sizes alone go way overboard so save your body the grief and your wallet the money and instead prepare your meals/snacks at home.

This way when you ask yourself “how healthy was your day?” you can proudly state it was perfect!

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