Healthy Snack Berry Smoothie

healthy snack berry smoothieOne of the most refreshing healthy snacks you can make for yourself is a berry smoothie. Even if you have never made a smoothie before, it literally is the easiest and quickest snack/beverage you can make yourself needing nothing more than a blender (and naturally the ingredients).

Get your fruit fix for the day which includes an entire banana, one cup of mixed berries, some orange juice, and even some yogurt – plain or flavored to your liking. Get ready to enjoy this healthy delight which can actually replace a meal it’s that filling coming in at about 325-380 calories per 20 oz serving.

Here’s A Great Healthy Snack Berry Smoothie

frozen mixed berriesFeel free to use fresh berries/fruit if they’re in stock at your local market at a decent price. If not, you can try the frozen variety. A three pound bag of mixed berries including raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries at Vons was only $11. The 1 pound pack of raspberries by themselves was $4.99, so check and compare the prices in your local market and see what deals you may find.

In regards to the yogurt, you can use plain or vanilla flavor or for a few extra calories you can get even a more intense berry fix with the flavor you want to be slightly more dominant than the others. A small 4 oz strawberry Activia was used for this smoothie which was 110 calories right there. However you can cut that in half by using plain Greek nonfat yogurt since 4 ounces are only 65 calories, which would bring the overall total of this berry smoothie down to 325 calories. Not bad for a healthy snack that can actually replace a meal.

Enjoy this refreshing beverage on a hot summer day!

Equipment Needed
– Blender

– 1 cup of mixed raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries
– 8oz. Orange Juice
– 4 ice cubes
– 4 ounces yogurt – flavored
– 1 Banana

blender berry smoothieDirections
Place all the items into your blender or food processor. Secure lid on top and blend/pulse for a minute or until you don’t hear any more crunching of ice cubes or frozen fruit pieces (if that’s the fruit you used). If you want a more watery smoothie use less ice, more ice will make a thicker smoothie.

If you would like to take this healthy treat with you to go, you can blend all the ingredients together and pour into a travel thermos container. However try to keep the drink cold possibly in the refrigerator at work or in a personal lunch tote with an ice pack inside. Shake or stir before drinking if the container has been stationary for a long time so everything remixes well. Enjoy!

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