Healthy Question of the Week 9

healthy question of the week 9

Dear HealthyChoicesInLife,

How do you handle food cravings? Whenever I get a hunger craving, I chow down on practically anything I can get my hands on and sad to say 95% of the time it’s junk food. I always tell myself that I am eating way too much for a snack but my cravings always take over in the heat of the moment. Please help me fix this issue


Healthy Question of the Week 9

Dear Mark,

Food cravings can be a really tough thing to deal with especially when you’re trying to lose weight and get fit. The thing about food cravings is your body is letting you know that too much time has passed in between meals and it’s yearning for something.

One of the most important habits everyone should develop is to prepare pre-portioned snacks so they’re always ready and waiting in the refrigerator at a moment’s notice. Maintaining these snacks at home to take them with you whenever you’re away from home will also help prevent you from getting the unhealthy stuff you may be used to eating.

careful of what you eatWithout healthy snacks ready to go in your frig depending on where you are during the day will likely determine what kind of snacks you’ll eat. In other words, where are you snacking on the “junk” stuff that you mentioned and how are you actually getting the food you’re eating? Does this happen when you’re at work and you usually go to the nearest vending machine for a bag of chips and a large soda? Are you stopping at the nearest convenience store on the way to or from work for the snacks? Or does your snacking episode usually happen at home and you give into the sweet treats and sugary foods found in your kitchen?

This is why it is so helpful to prepare appropriately portioned snacks to be ready at all times. These can be eaten right at home when the craving arises, but they also should be taken with you to work so you can have a snack in between breakfast and lunch, then another after lunch midway until dinnertime.

In addition to your 100-200 calorie snack, be sure to follow that snack up with a large glass/bottle of water. It may sound odd now, but you will really be satisfied with that small, nutritious snack and all hunger cravings will vanish in minutes. Best yet, it won’t be a 700+ calorie packed episode either, and here’s where weight loss will occur.

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You should also always have a bottle of water handy throughout the day. Get used to drinking water not only at meals but in between them also. Strange as this may sound, often times hunger pains can be a sign that you’re thirsty. Try this the next time you have a hunger twinge, drink a large glass of water and wait five minutes. You may find your hunger subside enough to make it to your next meal.

By keeping your body nourished throughout the day, you will prevent hunger cravings from sneaking up on you and therefore hopefully keep your daily calorie total at an appropriate amount which will lead to weight loss. Give these a try and see if they help change your snacking moments from unhealthy episodes, to ones that will have a positive impact on your health and body.

Warm Regards,
healthy question of the week

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