Healthy Question of the Week 7

question of the week 7
I’m curious to know what’s your favorite workout to do and why?

Good Afternoon Cindy,

Thanks for taking a moment to write in. Ahh, the good ‘ol favorite workout question. Honestly, that’s a tough one to answer since I don’t know if I can pick an actual favorite. It may sound funny but all the workouts/exercises I’m doing right now are so much fun :-)

Healthy Question of the Week – Picking a Favorite Exercise Is Tough

I love playing tennis twice a week with my brother, but I also love going to Bootcamp class twice a week for a more full body workout. I also get a kick out of the excited look on my dog’s face when he’s sprinting next to me while I’m biking. During the winter, it’s really hard to beat the euphoric feeling of cruising down the slopes on a snowboard. I had the chance to do so in Colorado this past season – Breckenridge and Keystone – and what a difference compared to Southern California mountains! I don’t mean to put down Big Bear, Ca snow, but there is a definite difference – lol.

I enjoy doing each one of these activities/exercises regularly and maybe that’s a good reason why it helps to have a diversified workout routine. When I used to just run around my neighborhood as my only form of exercise, I honestly got bored of that after awhile and it was hard for me to motivate myself to stick with it regularly.

Even when my dog was with me, it just seemed so repetitive and uneventful – but that’s just me. There are tons of folks that love going running daily, and that’s great for them. I still enjoy going for a 3-4 mile run about once every 7-9 days so it’s still a part of my workout routine, just not the only form anymore.

no regretsI imagine you asked your question because you’re trying to decide which workout you should start doing regularly. I would recommend you think hard about what you’re interested in. Do you already play a sport, or did you play one in the past and you’d like to get back to doing? What about outdoor activities such as rollerblading, biking, or paddleboarding? These all can be great additions to a regular workout routine especially since they are fun and don’t really feel like “work”. I would just recommend taking classes or private instruction to ensure you are doing everything safely and properly.

There may also be a number of exercise classes in your area you may want to look into such as Crossfit, Spin, Yoga, Kickboxing, Zumba, etc. You can often take the first class for free and see if it’s something you enjoy. That’s how I stumbled onto my love for Bootcamp classes and continue to do so twice a week.

If there aren’t any classes in your area, or if you don’t feel like driving somewhere and pay for a monthly membership, you always have the option to purchase an at-home DVD workout program to use whenever you want. These are also fantastic options since you can buy one that suits your style, timeframe and even ability level.

Here’s a list of some great ones that can really get you exercising on a consistent basis, and that’s what’s KEY here –> At-Home Workout Programs

You may find that creating a diversified workout routine will not only keep you more motivated to stick with your plan week after week, but you will be having more fun while exercising. Plus, you’ll be working out different muscles and parts of your body which is another added benefit of looking at fitness. Hope you find some activities that you enjoy and stick with!

Best Wishes,

healthy question of the week


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