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question of the week 5Dear HealthyChoicesInLife

I have tried eating healthier but whenever I am at work, by the time lunch comes I am so hungry I give into the urge to pick up some kind of fast food meal. Afterwards I feel so guilty knowing that I did completely the opposite of what I originally intended to do. Please help me fix this problem!

An Embarrassed Reader

A Reader’s Healthy Question of the Week

Dear Embarrassed Reader,

For one thing don’t get down on yourself for what your work time lunch situation has been like. Many of us have been through similar situations and it can be quite difficult to avoid the urges to go out an eat a fast food meal not only for the speed it offers but the convenience.

Once we get into this routine or unhealthy habit, it becomes a difficult one to break unless we develop a specific routine to help guide through each day. In your case, it’s crucial you create a work week ritual to help keep your nutritional choices in check.

don't buy fast foodOne of the first items of business is the importance of cooking dinner at home. Sounds simple enough but it really is much more important that just taking care of the dinnertime meal. Not only will cooking your dinner at home help keep the nutritional choices appropriate, but you will be able to cook a little bit extra so that you will have leftovers to take to lunch the following day. This right here will be your ticket to a healthy work travel lunch.

Therefore even though you are just cooking one meal at night for dinner, this can easily turn into 2-4 different meals especially when you portion them accordingly into plastic travel containers. These plastic travel containers become your best ally Monday through Friday and can usually be found for about 4 for $3 that are washable/reusable if you take care of them and don’t lose the lids.

Once you have your meal packed away, the last two items of business to prepare are two travel snacks you will be able to eat between breakfast and lunch, then again a couple of hours after lunch. Having nutritious snacks in between your main meals will help keep your body nourished so it does not become starved for sustenance.

When your snacks are ready and bagged to go, the last thing you need to add to your lunch container is either a thermos of water or a couple of plastic bottles of water. Water is literally the perfect beverage to drink not only because it has 0 calories but because our body needs it to function properly.

If you do not want to hassle with having to carry travel water bottles with you every day, if it’s possible, buy a large carton (usually in 36 or 48 packs) and leave them stored safely at your workplace. You can also store in your car as long as they are not in direct sunlight.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy as you prepare your daily work lunch and snacks. When you focus on making these healthy choices, you will find the excursions to your neighborhood fast food spot will slowly fade away.

In Health and Happiness,
healthy question of the week

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