Healthy Question of the Week 2

question of the week 2

Reader question sent in via email

Dear HealthyChoicesInLife,

I have been reading various posts on your site because I want to lose weight. I’m wondering is it really that bad to drink soda? I average about 2-3 cans of soda per day usually one at break, another at lunch, and sometimes one at home after work. Please let me know when you get a chance.

Dear Tory,

Glad to hear you found our site and thanks for taking the time to write. It’s also good to hear you are interested in developing something healthier habits in an effort to lose weight. You will find that successfully losing weight will come from not just making one or two changes in your lifestyle but cumulatively from many decisions.

One of those important choices that need to be made are the ones in regards to beverages. Drinks are often overlooked since many don’t make the connection that since they’re liquids, they don’t cause much harm. That is one misconception that prevents a lot of folks from shedding the excess weight.

Calories are calories. The grand total you reach by the end of the day will determine if you gained, maintained, or lost a bit of weight. Did you realize each one of those cans of sodas you are drinking have about 150 calories? There’s a lot more if you are pouring large glasses of soda out of a 2-liter bottle if that’s your habit especially when at home.

healthy nutritionIf you are drinking 3 sodas a day, that’s a minimum of 450 calories being tossed into the body everyday that have no nutritional value. Working the math over the entire year that comes out to be 164,250 calories translating to almost 47 pounds in useless weight the body has to deal with.

If you were to change your soda habit and drink healthy water, you will put exactly 0 extra calories into the body. Which do you think will do a body good over a year’s time – 164,250 sugar packed calories or 0?

Try it out for a month. Ditch the soda and just drink water or other 0 calorie beverage. Developing this healthy habit will also help lead you into creating other habits and that’s how you get the ball rolling in the positive direction.

Best wishes on getting rid of the soda and I hope you make the right choice and stick with it.

In Health & Happiness,
Gregory L. Gomez

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