Healthy Question of the Week 12

healthy question of the week 12Dear HealthyChoicesInLife –

How do you deal with hunger cravings? I always find myself snacking on something when I’m either watching tv, on the computer, or even when reading a book. I just always seem to be munching on something. The problem is midway through my activity I feel myself getting stuffed and I know that is not good because I see how fat I’ve become. How can I improve this right away?

Thanks for your advice and help with this healthy question.

Healthy Question of the Week 12

Dear M,

Thanks for writing in with a healthy question for us!

Yes one of the most detrimental habits to have especially when you are concerned about losing weight is to mindless snack. These are the moments when your mind is preoccupied on something else and your hand and mouth go into automatic mode continually putting handful after handful into the body.

Surprising as it sounds, it’s not uncommon for more than 1000 calories to enter the body during one of these mindless snacking sessions. This should not let this happen if you are truly concerned about losing weight and getting into better shape.

Therefore it’s important to prepare yourself (and your home) to deal with the hunger cravings that arise in between meals.

Let’s get one thing straight, snacks are a very important part of healthy nutrition. However it’s what you choose to consume along with the quantity is what matters when it come to snacking.

One of the first things you need to take care of is getting rid of the unhealthy options that might be in your kitchen at this very moment. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, that means all the potato chips, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, donuts, crackers, soda and juice. These types of treats will do nothing except pack on more pounds onto your body.

body keeps an accurate journalSince more weight on your body is the last thing you want at this moment, do yourself a favor and don’t buy these things to put in your kitchen. What you need to be concerned about is having healthy snacks available to eat in between meals. Before you start thinking that all you’ll be able to eat are carrots and drink water and lettuce you may be surprised at the wide variety of options you have right at your fingertips. After a quick Internet search, you’ll be able to easily find a whole bunch of snacks that will look appealing and be much more nutritious than chips and soda.

Finally, tied hand-in-hand with your healthy snack should be a large glass or bottle of water – strive for around 20 ounces if possible. This water, when combined with your snack, will really take away any hunger cravings and you will likely arrive to your next meal in a much more healthier fashion than you’re accustomed to.

Actually we just wrote an article highlighting the importance of maintaining a refrigerator snack box (or bag) which may really hit home for you. Each one of the snacks listed are for the most part right around 200 calories (or sometimes under) too! Check it out at

Hope this helps you out and thanks for sending in this healthy question of the week!


Gregory L. Gomez

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