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Dear HealthyChoicesInLife,

With the holidays rapidly approaching I wanted to know how you deal with all the festivities and have fun, while at the same time stick with a weight loss plan? It always seems that come November my whole nutritional and exercise plan goes completely out the window and I end up eating and drinking far too much all the way through to the middle of January.

Please help give me some tips I can use this year.


Healthy Question of the Week 11

Dear Margaret,

I completely understand your concerns and think that most people who are working on their health and fitness deal with similar issues. Let’s face it, when we are at a holiday party or some type of get-together, the fun times take over and while we are socializing with everyone end up tossing in too much food and far too many drinks into our body.

By the end of the evening, the calorie total can easily surpass 3,000 and anyone who has been in a similar situation knows the following day you have to deal with a lethargic feeling that causes you to be unhealthy again. Since you feel so bad the next day, possibly even “hungover”, exercise and eating healthy are two things that are farthest from your mind, and most end up eating more fast food and going right back to sleep causing even more weight gain.

when you don't even tryWhile it’s important to spend time with family and friends during the holidays especially if you don’t get to see them regularly throughout the year, there are ways you can help limit the nutritional damage caused from these functions. Use these three tips to help you maintain good control and prevent yourself from devouring everything in sight so you don’t end up with that stuffed I’m-gonna-explode feeling that’s definitely not healthy for the body.

Drink Lots of Water
One of the best things you can do during any type of function is to drink a lot of water. Water helps fill your body taking hunger cravings away. Best yet, it weighs in at exactly zero calories per glass so drink as much of it as you can. You can even drink a large bottle of water in the car after parking outside the place where you’ll be spending the evening so others don’t even see this. You’ll go inside without the hunger pains and therefore limit the amount of calories you will put into the body. Be sure to drink a few glasses of water throughout the night too and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much this simple trick will limit your intake.

Watch Out For Mindless Snacking
Let’s face it, one of the most popular things to do while hanging out with family and friends while chatting or watching a sporting event is to snack. The bags of potato chips, the cheese and cracker spread, the bowls of assorted nuts, not to mention the sugary juices or alcoholic beverages.

Over a 3 hour game, or conversation, there may be more than 2,000+ calories haphazardly tossed into the body and that’s not even counting what will be for the main meal. Here’s the perfect time to not only drink a glass or two of water, but be mindful of the snacks you will be eating.

Try and select a healthy option like carrots and celery sticks if those are offered. If not, you may have to make do with what’s there, just don’t get lost in the conversation where your hand and mouth go into automatic mode and before you know it the entire container is empty.

Do Without Desserts
Hopefully you don’t have a sweet tooth because sometimes those desserts are packed with lots and lots of calories. Did you know the Triple Chocolate Meltdown from the Applebees restaurant has a whopping 980 calories! That’s almost one thousand calories for a simple dessert.

This is why it is so important to be careful when it comes to what you put on your plate. If at all possible choose a jello or pudding option. If that’s not feasible, how about splitting a slice of something with someone else so you’ll be able to get rid of half the calories before even starting?

Hopefully these tips help you survive this holiday season without throwing a huge wrench into your healthy schedule. Best wishes and happy holidays!

Warm Regards,
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