Healthy Meal of the Week 4 With Healthy Leftover Idea

meal of the week 4
Meal of the Week: Turkey Meatloaf, Mixed Vegetables, and Mashed Potatoes
Leftover Idea: Turkey Meatloaf Wrap

Here’s a great way to include a classic dinner meal that tastes great and will be under 400 calories per serving when appropriate portions are served. The only main difference between this version and traditional meatloaf is the fact that you’re substituting lean ground turkey instead of the usual ground meat.

Surprisingly, once seasoned and cooked, turkey meatloaf tastes just like regular meatloaf yet with half the fat. Try it out and keep it a secret from your family to see if they’re even able to tell the difference. To top it off, leftovers can be made into yummy turkey meatloaf wraps which make handy travel lunches to go.

Your Healthy Meal of the Week 4 With Healthy Leftover Idea

*Remember, drink lots of water or other 0 calorie beverage with your meal and you will get full with this appropriate amount of food.

turkey meatloafEquipment Needed
– a roasting pan with lid

(8 servings)
– 2 pounds lean ground turkey
– 2 eggs
– 1 32oz package frozen mixed vegetables
– 8 servings Instant Potato Buds
– 3 tablespoons ketchup
– 3 tablespoons bread crumbs
– Margarine/Butter and water for mashed potatoes
seasonings salt, pepper, garlic, Italian seasoning
For Leftover Wraps:
– Low calorie whole wheat wraps
– low fat mozzarella string cheese
– Bacos salad topping

*If you already have a particular manner how you prefer to season your meatloaf (or in this case your turkeyloaf) go for it!

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. In a large bowl put the entire 2 pounds of lean ground turkey and using clean hands mix the two eggs, ketchup along with the salt, pepper, garlic, and Italian seasonings

3. Once mixed well, form a rectangular/oval shape with the meat in the center of your roasting pan.

4. Put lid on top of pan and place in the center rack of your oven. Cook for 50 minutes.

5. When time is up, carefully remove the pan from the oven. Use the final tablespoon of ketchup to lightly cover the outside of the turkeyloaf and then sprinkle the 3 tablespoons of bread crumbs to cover.

6. Raise temperature of oven to 400. Recover pan and place back into oven on the center rack for 15 more minutes.

turkeyloaf meal7. While the turkeyloaf is finishing cooking, boil three cups of water for your mixed vegetables and allow to cook for 12-15 minutes.

8. Start cooking the mashed potatoes per the package instructions and the number of servings you want to make. Be sure to make extra if you plan to make the turkey meatloaf wraps for leftovers.

9. When everything is done, remember to serve appropriate portion sizes along with a zero calorie beverage like water and you’ll have a meal that’s under 400 calories.

turkeyloaf leftover wrapsLeftover Meal Idea: Turkey meatloaf wraps taste great and they are easy to take with you literally anywhere, especially to work. All you will need additionally are low-calorie whole wheat wraps (typically found next to the tortillas at your local supermarket) and in this example we used a mozzarella low-fat string cheese in each wrap.

Simply spread two tablespoons of mashed potatoes on the wrap, add some cut up pieces of turkeyloaf, place the cheese, sprinkle some Bacos on top if you’d like, and Presto! Wrap/Roll it up and store in a travel container or in a simple piece of foil. You can eat it cold or microwave for 75 seconds on high.

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