Meal of the Week 21 With Leftover Idea

meal of the week 21Meal of the Week: Halibut, Red Potatoes & Green Beans
Leftover Idea: Fish Cakes

Since we haven’t had fish in awhile, here’s a fabulous tasting halibut meal that is extremely healthy and satisfying. Better yet, if you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy fish cakes before, here’s your chance with the healthy leftover idea granted you have some halibut leftover. This is a fantastic way to take a portable great tasting meal with you to work the following day while at the same time stick with a healthy, nutritious meal.

Healthy Meal of the Week 21

healthy meal of the weekEquipment Needed
– 2 oven pans
– pot for green beans
– oven mitts
– colander
– mixing bowl (for leftover fish cakes)

Cooking Time
– 1 hour

(4-6 servings)
– Prepackaged Halibut (2 lbs)
– 2 cans green beans (or the fresh variety)
– 2 pounds red potatoes
– 2 lemons
– 2 green onions
– seasonings: Italian, pepper, salt, garlic powder, and basil

For Fish Cakes
– 2 eggs
– 1/2 cup bread crumbs
– cooking oil
– hot cocktail sauce (or other preferred type)


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Since the potatoes will take the longest to cook, start with them. Slice each potato into small bite sized pieces. Put them all in the colander and rinse well with water.

2. Season the potatoes in the colander with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. Be sure to shake/mix potatoes well so they all get covered thoroughly. Place potatoes in an oven safe pan and add a 3/4 cup of water. Helps prevent potatoes from drying out and sticking to the bottom of the pan. Place uncovered pan on middle oven rack and set timer for 60 minutes.

3. Open package of fish and rinse both sides of each piece under cold water. Place in an oven safe pan.

4. Slice both lemons in half and squeeze as much juice as you can all over fish on both sides. Sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic powder, basil, and some fresh cut green onions. You can also leave the squeezed lemon slices inside the pan to cook alongside the fish for added lemony flavor.

halibut potatoes green beans5. Place this pan uncovered inside the oven next to the potatoes. *Take note of the time you put the fish in the oven because fish will not take as long to cook as the potatoes. You only need to cook the fish for 40 minutes so keep this in mind when you put the fish in the oven.

6. Fill a pot halfway with water for the green beans. Add a dash of salt and pepper. Put on stove medium temperature for 15 minutes stirring occasionally.

healthy leftover fish cakes7. Once everything has finished cooking, serve an appropriate portion size of Halibut, potatoes and green beans along with a large glass of water and ENJOY!

Healthy Leftover Idea: Fish Cakes

If you’ve never had crab or fish cakes you’re in for a special treat. The only additional items you’ll need to purchase from the market are two eggs, bread crumbs, and some cocktail or tartar sauce (or any other type you prefer).

Take one or two pieces of cooked Halibut and gently break it apart in a large mixing bowl. Add 1/2 cup of bread crumbs, 2 eggs and gently mix together. Using both clean hands form small circular patties 3-4 inches in diameter – similar to what hamburger patties would look like.

Put a pan on the stove on medium temperature and add 1/4 cup of olive oil (or other cooking oil you prefer). Place the fish cake patties in the pan and allow each side to cook for 2-3 minutes. Use a spatula to gently flip to the other side. You may want to use your off-hand to carefully place the fish cake down on its opposite side. Slightly browned on both sides is a sign they are done. Serve with garnish/sauce of your choice and bon appetite!

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