Healthy Meal of the Week With Leftover Idea

meal of the week 1Healthy Meal of the Week
Whole Wheat Spaghetti, Ground Turkey Meat Sauce with a Dinner Salad

Healthy Leftover Idea
Meatball Wraps – turkey meatballs (3), sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese, spinach/lettuce, and 50 calorie Whole Wheat wrap

This is a great tasting, easy-to-make, healthy meal that your family will love. Best yet, each appropriate sized portion (key to healthy eating) is only 403 calories – salad included! For a leftover meal idea to change it up a bit, a 3 turkey meatball whole wheat wrap complete with cheese and pasta sauce. Combine that with a bottle of water along with a fruit or a few carrot and celery sticks and you have the perfect work lunch meal/snack.

Healthy Meal of the Week 1 – With Healthy Leftover Idea

Ingredients that make 7 total portions (5 dinner portions and 2 leftover portions)

Francesco Rinaldi Garden Pasta Sauce 24 oz – 350 calories
Barilla Whole Grain Spaghetti 13.25 oz – 1,200 calories
Jennie-O Lean Ground Turkey 1.25lbs – 850 calories
Mozzarella Light String Cheese 2 bars – 100 calories
Whole Wheat Wraps 2 – 100 calories
Italian Fat Free Dressing 2 tablespoons – 90 calories
Iceberg Lettuce and Spinach – 7 portions – 100 calories
Carrots Diced for salads – 50 calories

Total: 2,840 calories
Divided amongst 7 portions is 405 calories per portion if a 0 calorie beverage and nothing else is added to the meal such as dinner rolls, dessert, potato chips or additional servings of food.

1. In a large bowl put entire 1.25 lbs of turkey, season to liking and mix well. If you are planning to make the 2 leftover wraps, be sure to form 6 small meatballs first, the rest will be cooked as ground meat to be mixed into the pasta sauce.

2. Boil water for the spaghetti and add a dash of salt if desired.

3. Put pasta sauce in a pan on low and stir frequently – add seasoning if desired.

4. As you cook the ground turkey, be sure to rotate/turn the meatballs so each side cooks thoroughly.

5. Once ground turkey is finished cooking, add to the pasta sauce and stir in well. Let continue to heat on low. *Meatballs will take a bit longer to cook than the ground turkey.

6. When water for pasta begins to boil you can add the spaghetti. I like to break the noodles in half before cooking so they are easier to divide/eat when finished but that’s entirely up to you.

7. Cook spaghetti noodles in boiling water for 7-8 minutes stirring occasionally.

8. Drain spaghetti in a strainer and put back into the pot were they were cooked so you can mix the pasta meat sauce with noodles. *Note: If you are going to make the meatball wraps for leftovers, be sure to save some pasta sauce (meat-free if possible – I carefully scooped about 8 spoonfuls from the top) along with the 6 meatballs you cooked.

9. Wash and cut lettuce/spinach to your liking, slice tomatoes along with shredded carrots and two tablespoons of fat free Italian dressing per serving. Keep in mind, any additional salad toppings or using a different dressing will add more calories to the overall meal total.

10. Serve and enjoy! Pack leftovers into travel containers keeping lettuce separate from wraps until ready to eat :-)

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