Healthy Living One Day At A Time

healthy living one day at a timeIf you are starting a mission to lose weight and get in shape, you may find that changing your daily eating habits and consistently getting some type of exercise to be the two most difficult hurdles to cross. Let’s face it, if you’ve been unmotivated to workout for some time now, and have had very little control over the amount of food put into your body, then it can be very tough to turn that all around.

Nevertheless, if you are just beginning your health and fitness journey, or if you’ve had numerous failures at this process before in the past, let’s take a step back and instead of looking at the entire weight loss objective, let’s focus on healthy living one day at a time.

When you focus on each individual day from morning to night, this is when you will slowly start taking back control over your health. It will all come down to making healthy decisions with the choices you are faced with from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep.

Focus On Healthy Living One Day At A Time

Each decision you make will affect your overall outcome. That breakfast platter that was eaten in the morning. The bag of chips and soda at break time. That super sized fast food meal devoured at lunchtime. And most definitely the large bowl of ice cream eaten late at night before bedtime.

Do you see how each one of these decisions will greatly affect a person’s nutritional total and will cause them to go far over an acceptable amount for a single day?

start to be greatEach day should be treated as a brand-spanking new opportunity to live it in the most ideal, healthy manner. We all wake up in the morning with an absolute 0 calorie count so at this specific moment we’re all technically even on the same starting line.

It’s the decisions made throughout the day that will determine if the calorie total will end up being either an appropriate amount conducive to weight loss, or one that goes overboard delaying you from reaching your goal.

This is what you need to initially focus on as you revamp your daily living habits. Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking of your entire weight loss goal at the onset since that may feel insurmountable at first.

Breaking the goal down to take it as a day by day battle, you can focus on the “right now” and not worry about what it’s going to take to reach your overall goal.

When you wake up, focus on a nutritious breakfast between 300-400 calories. Water should become your best friend and consumed at every meal and throughout the day. Don’t forget the importance of healthy snacks 100-200 calories in size between your meals to help keep the body nourished.

Next, focus on a nutritious lunch. Hopefully one you prepared and appropriately portioned at home so you don’t get tempted to get fast food at your lunch hour. Finally, your dinner meal should not be a gorging feast fit for a king but a lite, nutritious 400-600 calorie event again tied hand-in-hand with a couple of glasses of water.

Beware not to let your guard down late at night and haphazardly snack on junk. Anything eaten at that time will likely end up stuck right around your waistline since there won’t be the opportunity to burn that stuff off before going to sleep.

When you focus on healthy living one day at a time, your end calorie total will likely be much more appropriate and lead to the weight loss you’re striving for.

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