Healthy Eating Begins at Home

healthy eating begins at homeIf you have been aching to lose weight one of the most important items of business you need to grab a stranglehold on is your nutrition. Problem is, this is the hurdle that causes the most struggles for the majority of weight loss seekers.

Let’s face it, completely renovating the type and amounts of food a person eats can be an overwhelming task. More often than not, people give up and revert back to their unhealthy eating habits which means they do not successfully lose weight.

If you do not want to be another failed statistic in the fight to lose weight, then you must convince yourself that changing your daily nutrition is of utmost importance.

Realize That Healthy Eating Begins at Home

The reason why it’s so important to first create a healthy environment at home because it’s your headquarters. This is the place where you rest your head every night so it should become a source of most, if not all of your daily nutrition including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with the variety of snacks and drinks tossed in between.

As you see, there are often 5-7 opportunities to eat/drink during the day. It only takes one simple moment of lost focus to unravel an entire day of healthy eating which is why it’s crucial you truly grasp the seriousness of this issue.

body keeps a journalHere’s an example to put this in perspective. Let’s say you had a nutritious 350 calorie breakfast, at 10am a fruit and bottle of water at 100 calories, for lunch a healthy portion size totaling 450 calories, a box of raisins and almonds along with another bottle of water as a snack for another 150 calories, and for dinner meatloaf, rice, and veggies for 550 calories.

You can see that day is pretty much what you should be striving for having a total of 1,600 calories. For many that would amount to a calorie deficiency meaning weight loss. However at 10 pm this person had the urge to have a giant bowl consisting of 3 scoops of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream topped with chocolate syrup.

If that sounds innocent, think again. Each scoop of ice cream is 290 calories and 4 tablespoons of chocolate syrup is 200 calories so right there you have a “snack” that’s over 1,000 calories. This one lapse in focus unfortunately tipped the scale in the ‘excessive’ direction and now the day’s total is at 2,600 calories!

To make matters worse, since this happened at such a late hour, the body will not have an opportunity to use any of this last-minute energy, and will just find a comfortable place in the form of fat on the body.

This is why nutrition is such a difficult topic to truly master on a daily basis. The majority of success will come from developing a healthy routine. A routine that you get in the habit of following on a regular basis. It will take quite a bit of self-control and a willingness to try new foods/drinks but it’s the ones who give the effort and stick with it who will be the ones that truly find weight loss success.

So take it upon yourself and make it a point to fix the situation because healthy eating begins at home.

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