Healthy Choices Don’t Make Themselves

healthy choicesIf you have recently decided to lose weight for good, here’s a phrase you should really take to heart: Healthy choices don’t make themselves, you’ve got to make them.

When you stop and think about what these words truly mean, you’ll see that indeed the healthy choices that need to be made on a consistent basis must be decided on your part, they don’t magically happen on their own.

Here are a couple of scenarios to get you thinking about situations you may likely be confronted with on a regular basis.

Healthy Choices Don’t Make Themselves

Say you are driving home from work, tired and somewhat hungry thinking about what to eat for dinner. Unfortunately you realize there is very little in your kitchen that you can cook and as you continuously pass fast food spot after fast food spot, the lack of self-control soon takes over. You decide to pull into the next driveway you see.

So far no unhealthy decisions have been made but you’ve yet to walk inside and order. This is where the choice you make will determine if you stick with an appropriate amount of calories for one single meal, or if you lose self-control and eat far too much.

fitspirationBeing aware of the calorie total for each food item is crucial for you to escape this situation safely. Are you really going to drink that large soda that has 500+ calories? Water has zero calories. Do you really need those 600+ calorie french fries? A fruit cup or salad replacement can be much better to choose instead. Why order a 800+ calorie double bacon cheeseburger when a grilled chicken wrap is more than half fewer calories.

Healthy choices don’t make themselves, you’ve got to make them.

Here’s another scenario to think about. Your favorite sports team is about to be on TV and you’re heading to the market for snacks for game time. Now here’s the dilemma, what should be consumed during this 2-3 hour timeframe?

Do you really think snacking on chips, cookies, crackers, assorted nuts, soda, alcohol, throughout the entire game will be a healthy choice for your weight loss efforts? Would ordering an extra-large supreme pizza with chicken wings and garlic cheese bread be beneficial for your body?

If this is a once in a great while occurence then that’s manageable, but if you are spending most game sessions eating in this manner, then you will likely not have any weight loss success until you are ready to make some definite changes in how you enjoy your leisure time.

Just because it’s game time that does not mean it must be an unhealthy experience. Think of it this way, all the players on screen are exercising and losing weight as they’re playing the game. Let them inspire you to follow in their healthy footsteps.

Eat and drink nutritiously and by the end of the game you won’t have let 2,000+ calories enter your body. Remember, healthy choices don’t make themselves, you’ve got to make them.

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