A Routine Can Be Your Ticket to Weight Loss

ticket to weight lossHaving a ticket to weight loss must create a liberating feeling inside. Routine by definition is a sequence of actions regularly followed. Now you may possibly be wondering what that has to do with losing weight and developing a more healthy lifestyle. I can tell you from experience that developing a routine, a sequence of actions regularly followed, has really helped me stick with a plan so that I move a step closer everyday towards my weight loss goal.

When I first decided to change the way I lived my life in order to ultimately lose eighty pounds off my 286 pound total, it was quite difficult at first. Many of the bad habits I developed over the past ten years naturally were still there so just because I made the decision to become healthy did not mean all those habits simply vanished. In other words, I had gotten so used to going to fast food restaurants such as Burger King or Carl’s Jr. and ordering one of their biggest sized combos meals.

I was having a difficult time ignoring the temptation to continue eating as I had been doing. This was definitely a habit that I needed to break if I wanted to have any success in losing weight.

Get Your Ticket To Weight Loss With A Healthy Routine

As the months progressed and I settled down into my weight loss commitment, I found that there was a routine that was developing which if I stuck with, could keep me eating in a healthy manner every single day, especially while at work. Here are the two exact routines that I abide by on a weekly basis. Hopefully they get you thinking of your own personal situation and where a routine can be regularly followed so you’ll have a ticket to weight loss.

Routine #1: Plan Out Weekly Meals on Sunday

This specific routine has truly helped keep me eating in a healthy manner 95% percent of the time. I found that by actually planning out specific meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and writing them down on a kitchen calendar (I use a small monthly calendar placed on the refrigerator) this helps alleviate the need to ever have to get food from an unhealthy location. Plus, since this menu continually puts healthy choices in mind, I’ve found that on the occasion when I don’t stick with the menu, I still try to purchase a healthy choice like a 6 inch Subway sandwich or a chicken salad with light dressing.

Routine #2: Manage the Work Week

Since many of us have a Monday through Friday work ritual, it’s so helpful to develop a routine you can follow to keep you focused on healthy choices. You may find the exact same opportunities arise each day during the work week, therefore if you focus strictly on healthy options, you will guarantee yourself five days of food and snacks that will not be detrimental to your goal of losing weight.

Personally, since I wake up at 6 am every morning, I simply have a cup of black coffee with a bit of 2% milk and that holds me over until breakfast. My school has recently implemented breakfast in the classroom, so my students and I get to eat a free breakfast every morning at 8:00. I am grateful for the fact that there are healthy choices each day so the breakfast and snack that I’m offered is already positive. For lunch, I have gotten in the habit of always packing dinner leftovers whenever possible.

Lean Cuisine MealsOn the days when I don’t have any leftovers, I simply grab a Lean Cuisine frozen meal and take that with me to work. Whenever I go to the market for my Sunday list of foods for the week, I always to check and see if I have at least 5 healthy frozen meals on hand so that if the need every should arise where I need an “emergency” lunch, I have one on hand.

I’ve also made it a point to keep a few different healthy snacks handy at work to quench my hunger in between breakfast and lunch, in addition to after school. I simply keep a box of Special K cereal bars (only 90 calories each) and small boxes of raisins in addition to plastic 20 ounce bottles of water.

If you’ve never eaten snacks this way you will be really surprised at how well they quench a rumbling stomach. One small box of raisins followed up with an entire 20 ounce bottle of water, and nothing else will be needed until the next meal – best yet, that totals only about 100 calories!

Think of your daily habits and see if a couple of routines can be developed to help keep your day as focused and healthy as possible. You may find that by simply developing a regular routine, you can stay on a healthy course all day long.

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