Have You Had Your Moment Of Clarity Yet?

moment of clarityThe funny thing about losing weight is unless you truly want this to be something you accomplish, often times very little change will occur. Even though everyday thousands of people proclaim they want to lose weight, unfortunately very few of them will actually accomplish this goal.

Not until you have your eye-opening moment of clarity will you take a definitive proactive role in making the necessary changes in your daily lifestyle that will lead to weight loss success. Until then, you’re likely to continue living in the same manner as you have for the past few years.

Here are a few questions you can ponder to help figure out if today is the day you make a positive change in your personal health.

Have You Had Your Moment Of Clarity Yet?

Are you sick of having very little energy or of getting tired quickly when doing something active? Do you really want to do something about the size of your stomach, legs, or arms? Would you love to be able to run an entire mile at a decent speed without feeling like it’s the end of the world? More importantly, has your doctor advised you of the need to lose weight so that health-related issues do not cause more woes and concerns?

Your answers to these questions may open your eyes to the seriousness of your weight situation providing you with your moment of clarity. What does that actually mean?

Your moment of clarity is the exact time when you have finally realize that things in your life must change. The defining instance when you finally decide wholeheartedly that a healthy life change is needed.

no regretsEveryone arrives at their own moment of clarity in a different way. It might occur after a gigantic, gluttonous meal is devoured and it feels as though your stomach is going to explode. You may be sick and tired repeatedly dealing with this feeling and are now going to turn this around once and for all.

Maybe your moment of clarity comes as you are getting ready for a wedding and the attire makes you feel far to uncomfortable and you finally decide a change is desperately needed.

Regardless of what your triggering instance is, what’s important to know is that this specific moment of clarity can very easily turn into the spark that ignites a health revolution. All your future inspiration may derive from this very moment when you realized that enough is enough. This is when a person is much more likely to stick with a health and fitness goal and make the necessary changes in their living habits so that true weight loss is achieved.

Ask anyone you know who has lost a substantial amount of weight and they will likely be able to vividly recall their specific moment of clarity when they decided to take back control of their health and get in shape.

Have you had your moment of clarity yet?

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