Getting Mini Workouts While You Are At Work

there is no tomorrowFor many, finding the time to workout on a regular basis has often caused a headache. Regardless of the reason why it’s difficult to devote the time to get in a good workout three or four times a week, for some it will always be a constant struggle.

Maybe some are unable to get away from home due to family or children’s needs. Maybe the work day is 10+ hours and once home from work there is just no desire to exercise. It’s completely plausible that the only thing on mind is to sit on the couch with some food and watch some tv and relax.

However if losing weight is a priority for you, realize the importance to get some form of regular exercise. On the days you are unable to workout before or after work, one possible solution is to incorporate mini workouts while you are at work.

Get Mini Workouts While At Work And You Could Burn 400+ Calories A Day!

One of the first things you can do depending on where you work, is to park your vehicle a bit farther from where you usually do so you can get some extra walking to your job. If this is not possible due to space limitations, or safety/security concerns, you could also try to arrive 15 minutes early so that you can walk the perimeter of your building three or four times.

Even though this might not seem like it would do a great deal of good, if you are able to walk 15 minutes before work, and again at your break, lunch time, and then after work, an hour of walking at a moderate pace will burn 400+ calories. If you increase the pace to a very brisk walk (4.0 mph), you will burn approximately 600 calories. Not bad for simply doing some extra walking while at work.

You can also change it up a bit and tie in walking in the morning and after work, and stair climbing during your lunch break. Walking up stairs not only increases your heartrate and metabolism, but also gives the legs and buttocks an excellent workout. Did you know that walking stairs for 30 minutes at a decent pace will burn off 500+ calories? A great workout you can do right there at your workplace.

You can also consider doing calisthenics such as pushups and sit-ups during your lunch hour. Granted this may be difficult if you do not have a private office or space to perform these types of activities, but this still may be an option for you. Getting these types of exercises in for a 30 minute period can burn off 470+ calories giving your body a decent workout.

Better yet, if you have access to a tv and a dvd player, or a laptop, there are DVD workout programs designed for the individual with limited amount of time to exercise. 10 Minute Trainer is one of these programs that offers you a fantastic workout in exactly 10 minute sessions. Perfect for anyone looking for a speedy way to burn 300+ calories in a short amount of time.

Take a look at everything 10 Minute Trainer offers here at this link. You may find this is the solution you’ve needed to insure you get workouts in on a regular basis.

Regularity is key here. If your time is extremely limited, yet you still want to do some type of physical activity, you owe it to yourself to find a way to workout. Whether it is walking/jogging around where you work, walking the stairs, calisthenics in your office, or a DVD program for time limited individuals such as 10 Minute Trainer.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get mini workouts that could potentially burn 400+ calories all while you are at work. By doing so when you get home, you can feel content with the fact that you’ve already put in a workout and can devote your attention to other family matters and concerns.

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